Friday, January 19, 2007


Wind Energy used to increase hydro output and maintain reservoir levels

Why not use the Wind generated electricity to do like they do at the Niagara falls power plants in Ontario. Pump water into the reservoirs when the wind is blowing so that the inconstistancy factor from wind generation is removed by using the wind electricity to pump water back into the consistant hydro generation reservoirs.
At night, when electricity demand is low, the Lewiston units operate as pumps, transporting water from the forebay up to the plant's reservoir.

During the daytime, when electricity use peaks, the Lewiston pumps are reversed and become generators, similar to those at the Moses plant. In this way, the water can be used to produce electricity twice, increasing production and efficiency.
By utilizing wind energy to run the pumps that would replenish the hydro reservoirs you wouldn't even need to alter your output from day to night, like is done with the Niagara project.

Our Hydro generating plants are perfectly located to the prime wind generation sites to accomplish this.

Height of lands wind electricity used to pump into the smallwood reservoir.

Bucans Plateau wind electricity used to pump water back into the Hinds lake reservoir.

Deer lakeHydro Power plant from my interpretation of the wind atlas maps I would have to say the wind farms would have to go on the North West side of Glovers island South East of Corner Brook and pump the water back up from the Humber River into the Grand Lake reservoir. other wise pumping water from Grand Lake back up into Hinds lake will make the grand Lake reservoir less effective. If the water were to be pumped up to Grand Lake from Deer Lake it would effect the humber river salmon runs so by putting the pumping station at the lower end of the humber the salmon aren't affected and it could be situated where the best wind characteristics are on the North West side of Glovers island between Corner Brook and Pasadena. The area is already accessible with woods roads. It is where the Glovers Island gold mine is accessed from.

Northern peninsula East coast wind energy highway used to pump water back into the Jacksons Arm power reservoir.

South coast wind energy highway project used to pump water back into the Bay D'espoir reservoir.

By going this route not only does the wind energy become more consistant and usefull but the potential of output from wind energy can be increased by using the hydro projects as a storage vessel for the wind energy through pumping water into the reservoir's.

It would also keep the water levels in the reservoir's more consistant while capitalizing upon the existing hydro infrastructure as a storage vessel for potential wind energy.

Electricity is more about peaks than actual output. we have lots of electric generating capacity it is just the peaks that have us in a bind. take the Niagara falls power option as a prime example of how to overcome this problem by incorporating wind and Hydro to complement one another.

This strategy would be much more enviromentlly friendy in that the water flow would remain much more consistant than shutting down the hydro generation in favor of wind energy which would affect the fish habitat in that the water flow would be interupted.

All past present and future hydro projects should have to have a fish ladder whether fish could access that area before or not to increase spawning grounds and offset the lost spawning grounds and interrupted water flow due to damming.

Wind and Hydro perfectly offset one another. Wind is the strongest during the winter when demand is the lowest. Hydro is east able to keep up with demand in the summer when water levels are at their lowest. You would think it would be the reverse but what we in NL forget or don't realize is the demand airconditioners put on the electric grid during hot spells. it is only going to get worse with global warming. At least until global warming turns into global ice age. Not in my or your life time though.

UPDATE: After reviewing the Wind Atlas's it would seem that the TLH would make a great Wind Energy private Public partnership as well.

Especially with people like Todd Russell calling for a cost benefit analysis for the completion and hard top of the TLH.

Also found this great small wind energy project calculator.
By utilizing wind energy to run the pumps that would replenish the hydro reservoirs you wouldn't even need to alter your output from day to night, like is done with the Niagara project.

The Niagara hydro plant draws down less water from the river during the day for aesthetic reasons: at night, the falls are run nearly dry for hydro generating purposes; at day the pretty falls are turned back on.
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