Sunday, January 14, 2007


What's your drink of choice? Federalist cool aid or Pink White and Green Freshie?


It's been quite obvious to me for quite some time that the drink of choice of our esteemed Mr Crosbie has been the Federalist cool aid. I first started to see it after reading his book but my suspicions have been confirmed ever since. Like with his stance on the Independants panel and in the articles he writes.

If you read between the lines you can even read his reasoning or should I say the reasoning of the federalists. Newfoundland Labrador is expected to suck it up and continue to suffer for the benefit of the majority of canadians by default ON/QU in this systemically flawed centrist federation.

This from the man who all but removed the last spike from the NL railway. Only to benefit his friends and family who owned shipping companies in NL and save the federallies a few dollars at our expense. The RR shouldn't have been shut down it should have been upgraded to be in line with the mainland wide guage track.

Then there was the TAGS a system designed to give us a hand outmigration not a hand up with training designed for working in upalong.

Why weren't we afforded the same hand up assistance PEI was when their military base was closed. They were given the military base, a reprieve on taxation for 10-20 years funding, advice and leadership to set up a IT industry and aerospace indusrty for their loss of the military base.

This is the man who's family invented bottom dragging which has all but destroyed our reason D'etre. He even says so with pride in his book. Even though now that he is outside the political picture he is lobbying to have the indescriminant and inherantly destructive practice of bottom dragging stopped. Oh the freedom of speach when you are no longer in control and didn't do anything when you were in control.
Political will power
When they are in power they don't have the will
When they aren't in power thay have the will.

Or is it that our politicians we send to Ottawa are just caught up in the big picture of whats in the best interest of the country by default ON/QU even if the people they were elected to represent must suffer. Which has been the case for our 58 years in this phony federation.

Certainly sounds like Mr Crosbie has drank the Federalist cool aid and continues to toe the party line drawn by Ontario due to their majority of 106 seats out of 308 in the HOC.

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The State We're In
By John Crosbie

The most important constitutional issue facing Canada today is not whether Quebec should be recognized as a nation within a united Canada but whether we can exist as a viable federation through our current system of federal-provincial negotiations. The greatest threat to this complex system at present is the state of the relationship between the Government of Canada and the tenth province, led by Premier Williams.

The essence of a federal system is that all of the governments must be prepared to confer and negotiate with one another with a view to compromise so the system will function properly and effectively, thus enabling a strong country to emerge to face the other sovereign countries of the world. Our politicians must negotiate, not deliver ultimatums, so we end up with harmonious relations and decisions all parties can live with without looking humiliated. At the end of the process all have to continue to deal with one another.

Speaking of ultimatums, the feds have made their fair share of them.
Take it or leave it from Efford on the atlantic Accord.
4 million for Payments in Lieu of taxes for the Gander airport over 5 years, take it or leave it.
just to name a few so I wouldn't be so fast to jump onto the federalist sacrosanct bandwagon in claiming they are holier than thou when it comes to ultimatums. We only have 1.5% say in the running of this country and unless we draw a line in the sand and stand our ground we will be continued to be pushed into the sea in favor of the majority.

I say Stay the course Mr Williams, barring that Equality or Exit.

Crawl back into your federalist hole John you've done enough damage. Your not doing NL'ians any favors by handing out the federalist cool aid. We've had enough of the fish merchants to last us a life time and I'd be careful if I were you if you want to enjoy your retirement in peace.

Caveate: I haven't read the entire article as it requires a subscription. I have no intention of ever getting a subscription from any publication where the editors will openly and blatently publish articles which disparage efforts to further the cause of my home province.


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