Monday, January 01, 2007


Top 20 wish list from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is a federally incorporated non-profit
and non-partisan organization dedicated to lower taxes, less waste and
accountable government. Founded in 1990, the Federation is independent
of all partisan or institutional affiliations and is entirely funded by free-will,
non-tax receiptable contributions.

CTF’s Top 20 Policy Priorities
1. Limit the new Conservative cabinet to 24 members and do not overload the
executive with parliamentary secretaries. Reform pension and severance
entitlements for Members of Parliament so they are in line with public

2. Implement a multi-partisan Supreme Court nomination process to provide
Parliament with meaningful input from Members of Parliament. Similarly, secure
multi-party support when naming the heads of Crown corporations, agencies and
other top government jobs.

3. Enact a legislated debt retirement schedule.

4. Replace federal cash transfers with “tax points” to the provinces. This reform
will moderate Ottawa’s overreach into provincial jurisdiction; ensure provinces
have secure tax revenue for health care, education and welfare spending; and
provide taxpayers with greater accountability. There will be no increase in
taxpayers’ total tax bill.

5. Repeal Ottawa’s current bureaucratic daycare plan — with its misguided focus
on warehousing children — and replace it with a universal tax credit or payment
payable to all families with young children.

6. Respect the Supreme Court of Canada’s Chaoulli v. Quebec decision. Allow
provinces to experiment with health care delivery, including private provision.

7. To increase accountability and transparency establish an independent
ombudsman for the Department of Indian Affairs that reports directly to
Parliament. Amend the Indian Act to include matrimonial property rights and the
Human Rights Act. Make greater use of Certificates of Possession.

8. The Senate: Elect or abolish the Upper Chamber.

9. Scrap the $10-billion Kyoto Protocol implementation plan and protect the
environment with a proposal that works. No tax dollars should be paid to
developing countries for carbon dioxide emission credits — so-called “hot air.”

10. Cut off all funding for the disastrous federal gun registry.

11. Save taxpayers $2-to-$4-billion each year by abolishing the federal
government’s corporate welfare programs that funnel subsidies to businesses and
provide handouts to failed regional development projects. Corporate tax relief
should be conditional on businesses forgoing subsidies.

12. Make gas taxes a user fee and ensure municipalities put the tax revenues into
potholes, highways and bridges. Return fuel tax revenues not spent on roads and
infrastructure to motorists.

13. Establish a citizens’ assembly on voting reform.

14. Repeal the federal government subsidy that pays political parties $1.79 per
vote received in the last general election. Bring charitable tax credits for political
parties in line with what is offered for other charitable organizations.

15. Make foreign aid contingent on a country’s willingness to practice and
promote democracy, respect for human rights, and government accountability.

16. Cut Employment Insurance tax premiums to shrink the program’s multi-year
and multi-billion dollar surpluses.

17. Give citizens the ability to recall promise-breaking politicians from office and
petition — via referenda — for the enactment or repeal of laws between elections.

18. Lower taxes and eliminate Ottawa’s multi-billion dollar structural overtaxation
of Canadians. Reform the tax regime so it is simpler, lower and flatter.

19. Purge government waste by curtailing Ottawa’s $22-billion discretionary
spending budget. Limit future program spending increases to inflation and
population growth.

20. Establish an accountable and transparent government by passing the
Conservative Party’s proposed Federal Accountability Act and implement Judge
John Gomery’s recommendations.

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