Saturday, January 13, 2007


Submersible Mussel farming

Ever since I saw this PR I have been thinking of how exactly they are going to accomplish this.
Government Supporting New Technology for Mussel Aquaculture Industry

The provincial government is supporting Norlantic Processors Limited in the development of a mussel farm submerging system designed to assist mussel growing during the winter months on the northeast coast of the province. Funding for this initiative is being made available under the Aquaculture Innovation Program.

My first thought was to design a buoy that was longer and was part way submerged. Hence the part that was underwater would transfer the heat from the water up through the buoy so as that the water around the buoy wouldn't freeze. Unlike the current buoy's used which are the standard tear drop type buoy which floats mostly above water and hence would freeze into the ice.

Then I thought of incorporating a wind mill connected to a propeller coming out of the bottom of the buoy to keep the water circulation in and around the buoy so as to hinder the water from freezing around the buoy. But this may be to expensive. The people involved would be more in the know on this one than me. It would simply be a typical wind monitoring cup type of set up on top connected to a shaft which would transfer down through the elongated buoy connected to a propeller coming out of the bottom.

The problem with this concept of keeping the buoy above water but designing it in such a way that the buoy doesn't actually freeze into the ice still might not accomplist it's intended task because of the ice movement.

Then there is the option of anchoring the mussel lines to a bottom with an anchor. Some sort of squirrel deterent type of cone to prevent the bottom feeders from climbing up the line and eating the mussels. Then you would have the problem of lifting the anchor and mussel line from the bottom to harvest and the added infrastructure. But the problems with optics in the bay would be removed and depending upon the depth at which the buoy is tendered it might not even interfer with small boat traffic. So the Society for the Preservation of the Most Scenic Ghetto in canada will have nothing to complain about in regards to ruining the view from their cabins, while their sons and daughters are forced to move to Alberta and environs.

Then I did a little research into submersible buoy's and found very little. The only ones I found were for diving and marine marker that were time release so as to float after a designated time.

I was thinking for an elongated buoy the old 100 lb expired propane tanks might make for a good experiment. Fill them with expanding foam and weld a lifting eye onto the top or bottom portion and you may very well have a cheap supply of buoy's. You could even coat them with a plastic or rubber coating to improve their longevity seeing as they will be sitting in salt water year after year.

Anyway if someone else has any experience with this or an idea that might work please let the powers that be know. Who knows you might even get some sort of compensation for your efforts.

In the mean time I'll keep this one in the back of my mind for a while and see if anything comes to me.

There is a hugh opportunity to increase our mussel farming in this province if a break through on this front can be found. We might not have the most agricultural land in canada but we do have the most aquaculture sea available to us.

Aquaculture Association of canada

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