Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Point of sale energy assessment

With the Conservatives recycled enviromental plan ecoEnergy of back to the future forget the old plans name LOL.

Include energy efficiency evaluations as apart of home sales like is done for insurance companies Water quality testing, Septic tank cleaning home inspection.

The beauty of going this route as opposed to the current and past policies is that it becomes a selling factor as well as a bargaining factor in real estate negotiations.

Then there is also the benefit of including any required upgrades as apart of the mortgage because face it most people don't actually own their homes they are just renting from the bank and any large purchases or upgrades would require either a wind fall, a large bank account or a second mortgage and a second morgage comes at a higher rate of interest which most people don't and can't see the benefit of. So if you know up front thast repairs or upgrades are required then those expenses could be included in the sale or extra funding for the mortgage to accomodate the repairs renovations.

Mortgages in Europe are commonly made for 100 years and paid off over three generations with their Mercedes Benz included in the mortgage. I've even seen houses with a new car included in the mortgage in Edmonton because it is a consolidation of bills. While you may be able to afford a new house you can't afford a new house and a new car but if the two are lumped together it is do able.

Now this plan is still going to leave out a portion of the population in that it will only apply to housing sales to actually get the assessment done. But in the long haul the majority of the houses in canada should get covered. Kinda like the 2050 deadline.

One of the big problems as I see it is that there are no standards. IE 100 KW's per 100 square feet average charge by electric companies or oil companies. There also needs to be some standard comparitive measurement for energy IE: Joules. 1 gallon of home heating fuel so many joules. So an average home has a low rate of change by the energy companies up to 1000 joules per home and anything above that will be charged a higher rate per joule. Market driven forces is by far the best way to increase awareness and encourage people to get on board the enviromentally friendy band wagon. That combined with a long term policy to encourage assessments at point of sale.
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