Thursday, January 11, 2007


Newfoundland Labrador Regional Economic Development Association Fail's to Plan, Plan's to Fail

The Newfoundland and Labrador Regional Economic Development Association or NLREDA is the collective voice for the 20 Regional Economic Development Boards (REDBs) across Newfoundland and Labrador. NLREDA was incorporated in February 2003, with an executive director and a board of directors. Representatives from the Avalon, Central, Western and Labrador caucuses were elected, as well as a Chairperson. The directors of the association are made up of REDB executive directors and board volunteers.

From what I've had an opportunity to review of the work plans from the 20 NLREDA Newfoundland Labrador Regional Economic Development Associations with the exception of a few shining lights it would appear we are Failing to plan.

No consistancy.
No general template
SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) only mentioned in a few an applied to even fewer.
Alot of duplication with very little sharing of common interests and like sectors.
Overly graphic intensive sites for a province with such a reliance on dial up.

Another question I have is what does the NLFM and the NLREDA have in common and or how do they work together? More duplication is all I can see.

So this Association has been in existance since 2003 and some regions don't have a web site others look like a tourist web page while others don't have any sort of plan. Then there are some who do a wonderfull job of pointing out the obvious but little in way of substance or a plan for the future. What direction and initiatives are to be concentrated on and developed.

One of the biggest disappointments for me was the Humber REDA. It would be one of the ones that has a firm grasp of the obvious with little to no substance or forward thinking in their work plan. It also seems to be centered around Cornerbrook development when the real focus for this region should be Deer Lake IMO it is the cross roads and has the airport. It's not all about corner Brook.
The Humber REDA doesn't even have an email contact. That's how disorganized they are.

Corner Brook should concentrate on the commercial operations for it's port and leave the tourist port activities to Stephenville. Commercial and Tourist port activities don't mesh well and if at all possible try and be separated. Even if the north side of the Corner Brook port were to be developed as the tourist side or vice versa.

But Stephenville would seem to be the natural tourist port facility with it's airport right there and the recent closing of the mill there should be ample opportunity to develop Stephenville as a tourist port and leave the commercial port activities to Corner Brook with it's deep water and ice free with limited ice breaking activities.

The two shining lights amongst these 20 REDA's IMO would be the Avalon Gateway, and the Discovery Region's work plans. They seem to be very comprehensive and are designed to capitalize on their strengths while addressing their weaknesses. They also seem to be geared towards getting their l;ocal communities and populations inviolved by identifying opportunites and developing fledgling enterprises in their region.

Another REDA of note just for their forum is the Marine and Mountain REDA. They have a very active forum. While it might not have much direction within the board or monitors who guide and gather comments from their members at least it is active and could be used to involve it's people.

I'm not sure how much each of these regions are getting in funding but there doesn't seem to be any form of accountability of direction from the Association as a whole.

If this is what we are depending upon to turn around our province it isn't looking good from what I've seen in reviewing these 20 Regional Development Boards.

Capital coast is the flashiest site but once again not overly encouraging. More like they are moving ahead more by accident than actual planning. Oh Townies not everyone has high speed internet.

I would have include a graphic of the 20 different regions but I couldn't find one.
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