Saturday, January 13, 2007


Logging industry needs secondary processing protection

I must say unless there is some sort of program or government policy that I am unaware of there is a terrible injustice being perpetrated in this province towards the saw mill industry in our province.

That is to say there is no law or policy that forbids the turning of saw logs into pulp and paper in favor of the more value added and lucrative construction material industry.

Now we all know that the Pulp and Paper industry cuts and delivers it's own raw material. Well at least they used to nowwa days Ithink they actually contract out alot of their woods work to try and cut down on expences and benefits from what is generally known as a injury prone industry. So I'm thinking there is a great opportunity to legislate a more value added use of saw logs than turning them into pulp and paper.

I can see any independant contractors separating saw logs form pulp wood to get more value for their product but if the land is owned or controlled by the PnP industry they may not be allowed to separate and go for the higher value market of Saw logs. If that is the case then regulation would be required to protect our people and get as much value from our forests as feasibly possible.

Kinda like what was done for the capelin where no unused capelin was allowed to be dumped untill all efforts were exausted to find a use for it.

Or the legislation that no seal pelt would leave the province in it's raw state and that all secondary processing would be done here in the province.

Why I suspect this is in fact the case is because Corner Brook and Grand fFalls two of the PnP capitals of our province don't have a vibrant and prosperous saw mill industry due to the fact that their interests aren't being protected in favor of the PnP industry.

NL wood is highly sought after due to it's toughness from having to grow in such a harsh climate and is a favorite for the construction industry in hurricane and tornado prone areas for exactly that reason.

Abitibi has taken advantage of this demand in Quebec by turning their lumber into floor joists and roofing trusts. They even tout in their quarterly report the advantages of NL lumber for such endeavours.$file/Abitibi_Consolidated_AR04.pdf

Unfortunately our lumber industry is all abunch of independants with no combined marketing effort so they are unable to go after the larger more lucrative markets due to their isolation. In NB they have a woods industry marketing board that enables them to go after the larger markets nad ensures harvestors get the best value for their product.
Another mill stone is the lack of energy in over thirty communities. I heard of a town in Labrtador that hasd a saw mill that when the saw mill starts up the whole town gets blacked out. This is absolutely unacceptable when we have such an abundance of untapped cheap clean wind energy in our province to enable this type of enterprise to prosper and fuel rural enterprises.

Either NLH and NLP provide the required energy needs or the prov govt should deregulate to allow our communities to prosper, but to have a community held back due to a lack of power is unforgivable IMO.

Then there are the as of yet unexplored opportunities of the Enviromentally friendly Long Strand Lumber industry where we could easily hit well above our belt in the lumber industry. In fact we could compete with the giant red woods of BC with LSL.

No log over 8 inches in the butt should be allowed to be turned into Pulp and Paper.

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