Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Dead End tourism or Round Trip Scenic Coastal Drives tourism

When you look at this map take note of the number of roads that are dead end roads. In fact the province itself is a dead end destination.

If there is one thing tourists don't like it is to travel the same route twice.

As it stands right now for all intensive purposes our province is at the end of the line and situated on a dead end street, but it doesn't need to be that way. Things are underway to rectify this limiting factor to our tourism industry and economy as a whole with the TLH scheduled to be completed in 2009. Which will make NL a round trip tourist destination as opposed to a dead end tourist destination as it currently exists.

Now as good as the completion of the TLH is going to be in developing a round trip type of tourism industry. There are still lots of dead ends within our province that could very easily be connected to promote round trip tourism. Maybe even improve intermunicipal relations that might even result in amalgamation of smaller communities for efficiency and greater access to funding through a Round Trip Scenic Coastal Drives Initiative.

I read on one of the Regional Economic Development Boards that what tourists look for first in a tourist destination is Round Trip Scenic Coastal Drives Initiative. While we may have quite a few we still have alot of potential for developing more of these Round Trip Scenic Coastal Drives to further promote our province as a tourist destination.

Nova Scotia has an ongoing initiative like this funded by ACOA.

I've proposed a couple of round trip routes that I could see greatly enhancing the potential for tourism and opening up lands and sea for development like the South Shore Wind Energy highway Public Private partnership or the Northern Peninsula Eastern shore Wind Energy highway public private partnership. The one factor I would recommend to any of these projects is that the Province retain 51% ownership either through NLhydro or the province itself with clauses like are in the two ongoing wind energy projects on the Avalon which has clauses for buy back.

But there are so many more smaller connections that could be looked into, to better promote round trip tourism and provide shorter transportation links for our people like.

Fox Island River to Lark harbour wind energy Public Private partnership highway. This area also looks to have some great wind energy potential what with the Blow Me Downs in that area.

The Beaches to Purdans cove in White bay.

While these two links wouldn't be coastal the possibility of wild life spotting and enhancment of provincial transportation is great.

Bucans to Howley there is only a 5 km stretch of road missing between the two.

Bucans to route 480 along the Red Indian Lake. The road is already there it may just need little upgrading and better signed and represented on our provincial road maps.

All of these roads need not be year round routes they could just be developed and maintained in the summer months for round trip tourism.
As it stands right now for all intensive purposes

"Intensive purposes"?

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