Sunday, January 21, 2007


Conservative enviromental policies of the weak

For all of the conservatives efforts to appease the environmentalists concerns with Eco friendly initiatives they still are only doing it piece meal and have no real vision for the country.

If the conservatives really wanted to incorporate eco friendly energy generation the best thing they could possibly do iMO would be to implement a national East West power energy corridor.

Because Wind and solar energy is intermittent at best it is poorly positioned to address the national energy concerns. In order to address national energy concerns a national east west power/energy corridor needs to be implemented. So that eco energy can be transmitted to the areas that need it when it is being generated elsewhere. Wind energy in particular is at it's peak after sunrise and at sunset due to the differences in the earths temperature creates the wind.

Then there is the problem with raw sewage being dumped into the oceans creating algea blooms and polluting the oceans. Nothing.

I highly doubt the Conservative govt will address the greatest environmental disaster of this millenium. The destruction of the worlds greatest source of protein the Grand Banks of Newfoundland Labrador. In particular the Nose Tail and Flemish cap, which we are the custodians of and have a responsibility to not only protect it for our own people but for the entire planet. Nothing.

I guess the Conservatives are no different than the Liberals in that they lean with the wind and throw money around only to get votes.

As for paying short sighted people to retrofit their homes. I won't be getting any of that money because I had enough sense to buy a R2000 house. So once again the people with vision and a concern for the enviroment will be punished in favor of the ignorant and short sighted through tax rebates. We truely are a mail in rebate country.

Now if the energy companies were allowed to raise their rates so that they could administer the program or if rates were set so that thresh holds of energy usage per house hold were allowed to be implemented kinda like water metering then maybe people would be more inclined to upgrade on their own with programs from the energy companies.

I still think that if we were to do like Europe did and abolish regular grade gasoline in favor of the already accessible supreme grade gasoline it would do more to curb green house gases and global warming than all of the small cars and ethenol and biofuels combined. The savings from requiring less infrastructure to supply low mid and high grade gas would more than offset the cost of supplying just high grade gas.

As for the money for Stanley park. Trees get old and become susceptible to wind falls forest fires. Hence the need to cut forests or or expect to have forest fires.

Someone is going to be laughing all the way to the bank with those giant red wood logs that can be salvaged from Stanley park. There probably was enough logs that will come out of that park to cover the money the Federallies put into it.

I almost gagged when I heard the word biodiversity being used for one of the announcements. How Harpocritical can you get protecting biodiversity. All the while doing nothing to curb the indescriminant destructive practices on the 40% of our continental shelf Grand Banks which lies outside the arbitrary 200 mile line in the water where 60% of the WORLDS indescriminant, destructive bottom dragging takes place on the 40% of our continental shelf.

Ahh but Ottawa has to do whats in the best interest of the majority of canadians by default Ontario and Quebec. So don't expect Ottawa to do anything to protect that environment anytime soon because that would impact the majority even though the minority who live off and depend on that resource are being decimated.

You gotta love how Ottawa uses the Supreme court of canada to circumvent the founding principles of this federation in that resources Non-Renewable and renewable were to be the sole property and to the benefit of the province which lived from and owned them because Ottawa would be in a conflict of interest in that it would have to do what's in the best interest of the majority even if the province which owned and relied on that resource were to suffer. Colonialism at it's best in the Empire of Ontario.

If it doesn't have to do with a national policy stay out of it Ottawa. Know your place.
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