Monday, January 22, 2007


Autonomy, Meddling, Sponsorship, overwhelming,

For all you conspiracy theorists.

Ottawa, Ontario, Federalists, Conservative, Liberal, NDP, want Danny and by extension Newfoundland Labrador to fail.

Danny Lowered the flags, don't think this has gone by the wayside it is still firmly implanted in the federalist psyche. If it wasn't Danny has confirmed it by his Dire Consequences statement.

Then there was Scott Reid martins campaign advisor and still a prominant member in the halls of Ottawa and the Federal Liberal party NL will pay for their insolence in lowering the flags.

No it isn't about Danny it could just as easily be Gerry Reid if he were protecting the interests of NL. This is about Ontario federalists protecting their empire and the status Quo by dividing and conquering through manipulation and meddling within the internal affairs of an autonomous province within this federation.

Seal Quota reduction.
How old are the seals when they mature to reproduction age? Is it 3, 4 or 5 years. This would be the real indicator of the health of the heard not the numbers. If the seals that are out there now aren't maturing until 5 years that indicates an overabundance and lack of food. All of this speculation about ice and quotas is just spin the real indicator is the age at which the seals mature. This is the indicator which should set the sustainable quotas and seal herd numbers. If the age at which the present seal herd population is maturing at is 5 years then that is a clear indicator that the present herd numbers is not sustainable in nature and therfore quotas could actually be increased not decreased to achieve a more sustainable herd population.

Harp seals have been showing up in places they should never be but the herd is in danger of over utilization? Places like Spain Eastern Sea board of the US up rivers and streams to inland lakes. No the seals aren't in danger of over utilization they are eating themselves and us out of house and home. I'll lay 20$ that the age of maturation for the seals is 3 years indicating they are going hungry and are over populated.

Federalists refused to grant indemnity for the Voiseys bay processing plant at Argentia. To add insult to injury they never even ponied up the funds to clean up a site they accepted back from the Americans so we still have a contaminated site.

Gander Airport promise to pay Payment In Lieu of Taxes for military landing fees.

Closure Gander Weather Office. Return of only the land forecasting with Sea forecasting to return at some later date and Air forcasting never to return.

Equalization Trial ballons to include non renewable resource revenues a clear promise made promise broken.

Deer Lake Customs officer. Refusal to put another customs officer at Deer Lake when there is an obvious and clear requirement for one.

Fallow Field Legislation. Alberta implemented one, England implemented one.

No food fishery in NL to protect the stocks so the trade deals and tarrif concessions made with foreign nations in exchange for quotas on the Nose Tail and Flemish Cap. While NS, NB, and PEI had 11 months of a food fishery.

Regionalization of Atlantic Canada. Halifax getting all of the federal presence.

Sullivan given the Nod either by some Federalist Ontario based company or Harpers CPC that he will get a nomination in the next general election.

Ottawa's capitulation on funding for the TLH when the prov has offered up 50%.

Lower Churchill Loan guarantees waffling.

Happy Valley Goose Bay ice breaker soverignity patrol cancelled.

HVGB Threat emmitters cancelled.

HVGB Closure ballons and promise broken on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron.

HVGB 650 man rapid reaction force broken promise.

250 troops promised for St John's yet to materialize.

Cancelled high frequency radar in NL.

over 200 towns in NL on a boil order with no action or plan to fix it from the feds. The highest percentage of boil order's for any province.

Clause in the Atlantic Accord disallowing Nl to build a refinery untill all capacity has been filled in canada. Where is our autonomy.

Wabush Passenger rail service cancelled.

Community Access Program Cancelled. Can't let those dumb Newfs get connected and realize what we are doing to them. NL's best chance of getting ahead is through access to the information highway. It is by far the cheapest and most efficient way for our wide spread small communities to get ahead in the global market and should be encouraged and promoted at every opportunity.

Adult education funding cancelled. NL has highest adult illiteracy in the country we are the biggest losers to this program cancellation. Reinstated for PEI.

Province asked for funding to get he colonial building up and running as a provincial historical archive. No response to date. NL history isn't canadian history.

Lab Metis recognized by the feds when the province has yet to do so. Another monkey wrench into the Lower Churchill because the Lab Metis have claims to the lands involved.

Stephenville mill closes with not a peep from the feds. But a mill closes in Ontario and the feds are falling all over themselves handing out money.

TLH Deem a part of the National Highway System disconnected from the rest of canada in that the Quebec route 389 isn't included. A highway to nowhere.

Labrador landing fees double what they are in the rest of the country.

Air Canada stops all international flights to and from NL. All apart of Ottawa's regionalization resettlement program and to break the NL spirit or get rid of Danny with a Ontario Proxy like Gerry Reid.

Voisey's bay strike Ontario's Federalist Status Quo keepers had no reason not to give thoise workers equal pay for equal work other than to try and break Danny Williams and the NL rising nationalist spirit.

Wabush Mines demand of an extension to their twin falls cheapo energy contract. More feed for the Federalist mill.

Ottawa's condition that the INCO CVRD deal was conditional on 1000 jobs staying in Toronto.

Wabush Mines proposed sale gone awry another black mark for the Williams govt. When the reality he had nothing to do with it and the Empirical federalists of Ontario are just toying with us.

Nose Tail and Flemish Cap promise to take ownership and control of the NT&FC within mandate 5 years. Now NAFO is the way to go.

DFO didn't reallocate FPI's quotas even though FPI essentially locked out the Mary's town FPI workers by not harvesting their quotas. Ottawa Federalists and the car manufacturing industry would like nothing better than to break FPI up and divide our people hence making us weaker and easier pickings for the canadian wolf. All the while protecting their foreign trade deals by lowering the quotas to NL and allowing the foreigners to carry on as per contract agreement.

Marine Atlantic increase in fees when they should be decreased.

Buying that Leif Ericson had to be apart of a plan to Regionalize and resettle NL to the mainland. Who in their right mind would go back in time and buy a vomit comet. The Max Mose Cat was better than that rust bucket.

Signage at he cross roads in Cape Breton which would indicate the way to NL and the Marine Atlantic is very misleading and designed to sway people to take the Cabot trail.

Bottom Dragging

Federal Liberals paying for the Provincial Liberals office space when they can barely afford to pay for their own and are in debt to their ears.

Marine Atlantic not recognised as an essential service? See how long you would last if you closed the 401.

Payments In Lieu of Taxes less to this province than any other. Two airports in Quebec get PILT's Gander is told to go it alone.

Submarine refit goes to BC which has federal ship building docks and services.

Federal presence
Harris centre report
Threatened to close Cool Climate Crop Research Centre.
Closed PSC Public Service Centre. Ottawa's Regionalization Resettlement program moved to Halifax.
Closed DFO toxic research centre.

CNLOPB Feds backed Ruolokke and we saw with his first action what that means a blank check for the oil companies to siphon out as much oil as possible from the cheapest contract parcel with little or no consideration of the people of NL.

White Rose unexpectedly goes down and needs to go for refit. Lost revenues looks bad on Williams govt.

Hibernia has lowered it's output. All efforts to discredit the separatist Danny Williams and insolent NL in their eyes.

Height of lands Wind proposal would negate the Lower Churchill project.

Lower Churchill no different than the Upper Churchill still no National Power corridor.

Quebec Labrador Border

If any premier of province says the S word Ottawa's federalist propaganda spin machine goes into action to try and discredit either the province or the leaders of that province in favor of a more federalist leader. It's nothing new it's been going on for years in Quebec and will contiue unabated until all of the provinces have some form of equality in this federation.

It is a self perpetuating policy in Ottawa/Ontario protect the status Quo and in turn your legacy by breaking the province and in turn either discouraging the Premier or quelling any self confidence that province may have that it can go it alone or demand equality and fair treatment from Ontario. Because make no mistake Ontario is who stands to lose the most if canada were to break up or if the colonies were to get equality with Ontario.

Supreme court of Canada ON 3/QU 3/colonies 3. Circumvented the founding principle of the federation in that the provinces have sole responsibility and control over their own resources. If Ottawa were to have control Ottawa would be in a conflict of interest in that Ottawa has to do whats in the best interest of the majority oif canadians. The 60% which live in the 2% of canada's land mass along the Saint Lawrence.

Need autonomy like Quebec went after. I can now see why Quebec was so adamant about having autonomy because Ottawa was meddling in their internal affairs to try and either get rid the soverigntists or make them feel beholding to Ottawa and not have enough confidence in themselves to go it alone.

Hand of GOT Tawa

The real conspiracy is the canadian political system. Our political system is systemically flawed against all of the colonies of the empire of Ontario.

We need autonomy over our own resources and in turn destiny if we are to make ago of it in this federation or else we are forever doomed to Ottawa and Ontario's meddling in our affairs and eventual demise under their regionalization, centralization resttlement agenda.

UPDATE: Forgot
CSIS 2 agents assigned in CornerBrook to catch organized potato garden crime. More likely to spy on Williams and spread propaganda to disrupt our economy to make Williams look bad. False Ferry video.

Royal Commission ignored by Ottawa

pellet plant to be built in scheferville even though the mineral is situated in Labrador. The Royal Commmission clearly stated we are focusing to much on individua ljobs when we should be concentrating on combined wealth creation through revenues and royalties . Jobs really are a given wether they be filled by native NL'ians or come from aways.
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