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Addenum to tlh-rock-cuts-cable-guard-rails-wreck house

Addenum to TLH-rock-cuts-cable-guard-rails-wreck

I did a blog on the TLH and some of the probems with tackling winter conditions on the TLH a while back and today I see a PR by the Prov govt on just that. I'm glad to see someone is listening.

It just goes to show govt is only a tool to be used by the people and the people are the real driving force in getting ideas, solutions, and development of our economy moving. The more people who get involved and speak up the better our lot in life will be. It's either that or give up and outmigrate. The possibilities are in your hands take them and make a future for yourself and future generations.

Don't think I'm blowing my own horn because I really couldn't care less if I ever get any recognition for what I try and do on here. Whether it was this blog or whether it was someone who read this blog or if this is just coincidence matters not to me. Just that in the end my homeland moves forward and in doing so hopefully my bretheren will have the opportunity to stay a home with their relatives or move back home to their relatives.

Stay the course!

New Transportation Depot for Trans Labrador Highway

The new transportation depot at Chateau Pond - located along the Trans Labrador Highway between Red Bay and Lodge Bay - is now officially open. Staff were deployed at the $1.4 million depot just before Christmas.

“I’m proud that government has followed through on its commitment to build this much-needed depot,” said the Honourable John Hickey, Minister of Transportation and Works, and Minister Responsible for Labrador Affairs.

“The new facility will allow snow-clearing crews to work from the centre of the road outward, resulting in a more effective snow-clearing effort.”

The new depot will house personnel and snow-clearing equipment for winter maintenance along that section of the Trans Labrador Highway.

“Since the road between Red Bay and Lodge Bay opened in the fall of 2000, severe weather conditions in this area have made it impossible to keep this portion of the highway open for the duration of the winter season,” said Minister Hickey. “This new depot will provide an ideal location to store the appropriate snow-clearing equipment and will result in a more timely service, since equipment will not have to travel long distances to access problematic areas.”

Government has also allocated an additional $750,000 to increase personnel and snow-clearing equipment in the area. “Government has taken a proactive approach to address snow-clearing problems in the area over the long-term,” said Minister Hickey.

“As our experience with winter maintenance on this road evolves, we will consider other options, such as widening rock cuts and raising road grades to tackle snow accumulation in this area.”

I believe it was around this time last year that contracts for road work and construction were issued to try and ensure work was completed during the prime construction season.

Never really heard how that worked out?

I would like to say that it is time start putting more emphasis and pressure on the feds to come through with their committment for the completion of the TLH as apart of the NHS. Or we will be once again stuck behind the snowball and have missed out on another construction season in our efforts to get the TLH completed.
I would like to say that it is time start putting more emphasis and pressure on the feds to come through with their committment for the completion of the TLH as apart of the NHS.

What about the provincial government, which hasn't put any new, provincial-sourced money into TLH construction in over a decade?

Is Labrador part of a province?

If so, which one?
its here

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