Thursday, December 14, 2006


What to do if the ballon goes up.

This is a term from the cold war and all of the protocols and expectations if the cold war became the hot war.

Now at the time satellites and GPS Global positioning systems weren't as prevelant as they are today. Today Missiles and what not use GPS as one of their main targeting sources. Even hunters and woodsmen use GPS's today.

So what if a rogue nation or group gets their hands an a missile and program it's targetting using a over the counter GPS are there any protocols or measures in palce to shut down all of the satellites up ther from the different countries so that GPS's won't work for these rogue nations and or groups.

This is something that needs to have a set in stone protocol and flick the switch type of decision making protocol to be of any use. I would also imagine that it would have to be world wide and have some sort of treaty so that everyone is on the same page and everything gets shut down at once with a minimum of communication to implement it.

GPS is a very benign technology in the hands of peacefull people but in the hands of extremeists and disidents it could be devastating and the difference between a direct hit and or a miss. I'm thinking of North Korea, Iran, and the Muslim extremists.

Maybe a protocol exists to shut down all of the worlds GPS satellites so that this technology can't be used against us. I know civilian GPS's don't have the same accuracy as Military GPS's because there is a code required to get that kind of accuracy but even that is only something like 100 metres discrepency and wouldn't do much to mitigate a direct hit.

OMG the sky is falling, Relax just bend over and kiss your ass good-bye.

It's kinda like the answer my mother got from one of the Marine Atlantic Workers years ago when crossing on the Sir Robert Bond chasing our eggs across the table.

She asked where the life jackets where, LOL. he told her where they were, but he also told her where the hot showers were.
His thinking was that it was better to scald to death than freeze to death.
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