Thursday, December 14, 2006


Rehabilitated rough necks

I recently heard a story about where Poland or one of those EU countries up there was tackling their worker shortage by training and utilizing inmates to address their worker shortage.

In this particular story the inmates were trained and would go out and work during the day then return to their cell at night.

It struck me that this was a really good way of rehabilitating and reintroducing criminals back into the general population and giving them training while at the same time filling a void in our worker shortage out in Alberta.

I hate to generalize even with criminals but it would seem that oil rig worker training would be right up the alley of most criminals. Now I doubt that the same scenario of letting the inmates out to work during the day and returning to their cell at night would work for the tar Sands worker shortage but training inmates to work in the Tar sands as rough necks would go along ways towards giving these destitute and fringes of society people towards meaningfull employment and hence become contributing members to society and away from theri past transgressions into the criminal element.

In fact there are already some programs similar to this in some of our northern penal institutions. Where-by the inmates are encouraged to learn how to carve and create native art.
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