Thursday, December 14, 2006


Public Private South Shore road wind generating project

With the propensity of the present CPC administration for Public Private partnerships I was thinking a south shore highway PP partnership could and should be looked into. (Read Advantage Canada)

The Private part would be along the lines of Aquaculture, Wind generation, and tourism. Opening up the south shore.

Wind generation since it isn't a reliable source of electricity by itself would have to be tied into a national power corridor in conjunction with the Upper and Lower churchill hydro power projects. Since we don't have the requirement for such a large amount of wind electricity in that normal grids can only accommadate somewhere in the range of 10% or less of wind generation due to the start up time required for Nuclear, Coal, Oil generation. Hydro is well adapted to work in conjunction with wind generation.
Read about the recently announced wind project for fermuse. There are lots of stats in there explaning how much wind generation could be seemlessly introduced into the Islands connected system before a outfeed to the mainland would be required to build more wind generation.

Wind generation would be the primary market to target for this kind of initiative due to the fact that they would require roads to build and access their towers.

Maybe if the public portion covered the bridging since this would be a very expensive part of such a project and would probably be the most prohibitive part of such an initiative.

Even one lane ACRO bridges built by the 56 field engineer squadron in St John's could be looked into.

It could be done in three parts PH-I From Burin peninsula to Connaigre
PH-II Port Aux Basques to Burgeo and PH-III from Burgeo to the Connaigre Peninsula.

There I one thing I would like to see included in such a deal and that is that all wind turbines be placed on the inland side of the road so as not to obscure the view.

UPDATE: Here is a Power Point presentation done by Labrador Coastal Equipment LTD on developing wind energy in the province.
Hi friends,

I read this article on about a Scottsman, Ian Gilmartin, developing a prototype for a mini waterwheel that could power a house for free. Yes, electricity for free! Isn't that amazing. It's great to see how a spark of inventive genius from a person can start a revolution. The apparatus will be in shops by the end of next year. Though it might cost 2,000 Pounds for installation, they say it will pay for itself within 2 years. And after that - free electricity!

Hey, I am in for Green Energy. Are you?

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