Saturday, December 16, 2006


The math Plague How to Survive School Mathematics by Sherry Mantyka

A new book released by a MUN professor Sherry Mantyka called the Math Plague just in time for Christmas.

Book Description
Every year, hundreds of graduates from Newfoundland schools who are admitted to Memorial University with acceptable grades in nathematics, have a math skill of Grade 6 or below.

The Math Plague is not written for mathematical gurus. It's written for under-achievers who feel disconnected from mathematics.

Themes of The Math Plague include athletics, literature, the visual and performing arts, lifestyle issues, leadership and more.

While The Math Plague acknowledges problems in the school system, the focus is on how the individual can adapt his/her learning strategies to counteract these stumbling blocks.

According to Dr Mantyka this Quote isn't meant to be dreogatory but rather an eye opener and sensationalism publicity stunt. Paraphrased.
“Because of its climate and
geography, Newfoundland is ideally
suited for the production of
alcoholics, royal commissions, snow,
unsolvable enigmas, self-pity,
mosquitoes and black flies, inferiority
complexes, delusions of grandeur,
savage irony, impotent malice,
unwarranted optimism, entirely
justified despair . . .”

- Quote by Wayne Johnston from his book,
Baltimore’s Mansion (1999, p. 123)

You can buy the Book here.
Some excerpts from the book can be read here.
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