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Good news round up Dec 01-10

College Supporting Fur Industry
December 1, 2006

Major Road Work On Avalon To Be Discussed
December 1, 2006

Major Compensation for Placentia
December 1, 2006

New Fisheries Centre Opens Today
December 1, 2006

Local Company Signs Big Deal
December 1, 2006

New Playground for City
December 1, 2006

Pretty inclusive roundup of initiatives and goings on in the Stephenville area by.

MSN NicknameThe_Labrador_Guy2 (Original Message) Sent: 12/1/2006 7:25 PM
The economy in Bay St. George was hit hard last year with the closure of the Abitibi Consolidated mill, however things are looking up with the implementation of programs and new business from the efforts of the Community Development Committee.

Over the past year a number of new initiatives have been announced for the area, creating employment and much needed diversity for the economy.

In agriculture, a three phase initiative was established to produce wholesome snack foods using local products, a Farmer’s Co-op and regional Farmer’s Business Network was established for Bay St. George South, a field worker position was created, and pasture development is currently taking place with fencing, land development and soil testing being conducted to determine the viability of potential pasture lands.

The retail, service and the business sector has seen a number of new initiatives. The first is the downtown revitalization in Stephenville. The project is currently in phase two of a three phased plan to revitalize the area and is estimated to cost over $500,000.

Expansion plans are in the works, and a survey of downtown businesses will begin. The committee is currently working with 30 companies who have expansion agendas.
The Marine Institute’s Safety and Emergency Response Training Centre will see an expansion with the Marine Emergency Duties, Fire Investigation courses as well as the Firefighting and Recruitment program. In addition, Paramedicine training will be implemented jointly with the College of the North Atlantic.

Meanwhile the College of the North Atlantic saw the creation of a centre for Creative Communications for film and video production.

A number of initiatives have been announced for tourism in Bay St. George. A network of 18 business owners has been established under Roofed Accommodations and will allow businesses to share marketing efforts.

In addition a Multi Media CD ROM will create a virtual tour of all Roofed Accommodations in the area, and a virtual tourism attraction with an estimated cost of $75,000 will allow web users to conduct a tour of the region via the Internet.

The Cultural Interpretation Centre in St. George’s is expected to cost nearly $700,000, and the upgrades to the T’Railway trestles in Newfoundland and Labrador over the next three years is projected to cost over $3.3 million.

The Blanche Brooke Fossil Interpretation Centre is moving along, signage and advertising for the area is being developed and the Stephenville Theatre Festival has been working on a business and marketing plan. The Crash Site Pavillion at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 35 in Stephenville has also been established.

Work continues on the Mobile Workforce to connect local fabrication companies with opportunities for securing outsourcing contracts with Alberta companies and $130,000 upgrades to the unloading system for Kendall’s Fishery has been announced.

Work is also in progress on military training and aerospace initiatives, and Help Desk Now has already set up shop in the area.

Finally, the possibility of 50 to 70 jobs from the Tekoil rig refurbishing business would be a great addition to Bay St. George.

Obviously, Stephenville is on its way to diversifying its economy. While some people may still have a gloom and doom mentality about this region, things are definitely looking up. It may not happen overnight but eventually the economy will recover as it did with the Harmon Air Force Base closure and Linerboard mill closure in the past.

Glenda McCarthy

Any comments from anyone?????????????????????

Government Helping to Bring Angel Network to Rural Businesses

Debt Reduction Program Expanded to Accommodate Students
Enrolled in Co-operative Programs

Government Helping Business Networks Build Local Economies

Borrowing Program Brings Stability to Public Service Pension Plan

Air Foodlift Subsidy Program

Local Companies Enjoying Success in International Markets

Province Taking Action to Ensure Sustainable Fur Farming

Government Helping Manufacturers Find New Markets

Environmental Assessment Process Initiated for Lower Churchill Project

New Fisheries Research Centre Opens at
Memorial University’s Fisheries and Marine Institute

King’s Point Heritage Society to Promote Area as a Tourism Destination

Placentia Area Receives Compensation and a New High School

Province Invests in Book Publishing Industry

Official Opening of New Murphy Centre

Research Provides Valuable Information about
Protected Areas of Newfoundland and Labrador

Government Helping Grow Tourism Industry in Western Newfoundland

Congratulations to ACE Memorial on Participation in Global Competition

Government Optimistic About New International Flights

Government Reaffirms Commitment to Trans-Labrador Highway

Larger Municipalities Will Retain $1.4 Mllion in Municipal Operating Grants

New Partnership Promotes Literacy

Government Ensures Labrador Communities Can Access Supplies
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