Friday, December 01, 2006


Double Double Lite/Diet

I've recently changed my normal Double Double to Two sugar twins and two cream/milk.

The problem I have is I miss the ease of ordering a DD. So I've been thinking about how I could frame wha tessentially is a DD only lite or diet. So I asked the girl (Nicole)at the Tim hortons window last night what she would make for me if I asked for Diet DD.

She said she would put two sugar twin two 2% milk and DECAFFINATED. Then she went on to say she would only do the decafinated thing because she was being cantankerous.

What I thought was going to be a solution to my little inconvienience made me think twice because I like my caffeine why else drink coffee?

You might say whats so difficult about asking for two sugar twin and two 2% milk. Well it isn't that it is difficult so much as when someone else picks you up a coffee it can be frustration.

So I think I'll try this DD Lite/Diet to see if it works. Hopefully I won't come across Nicole again because decaf isn't my cup of tea.

Try asking for a GOBBLE GOBBLE for joke. Bet they won't know the difference.

UPdate : ordered a Diet DD today and got decafinated :(
Think next time I'll try DD lite. maybe that will have more success.
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