Friday, December 22, 2006


Deer Lake initiatives

Some of the initiatives I would like to see Deer Lake take on would be.

A fish ladder up to Grand Lake to rectify one of the biggest and most devastating enviromental travesties ever perpetrated against the enviroment.

Develop the Deer Lake beach front by trimming and thinning the tree line along the beach to make it more visible and accessible.

Planting of trees along the TCH which runs through Deer Lake to cut down on road noise and beautify the area running through Deer Lake along the TCH.

Do something with the closed Penticostal highschool which was closed due to amalgamation of the schools. Some ideas would be flea market, Farmers market, Youth centre etc. AS I understand it there is a dispute there because the Penticostal still own the building in conjunction with the school board.

A marina on Deer Lake as well as one in the Main Dam canal for access to Grand lake, Sandy Lake and birchy Lake.

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