Saturday, December 30, 2006


A change in life style/diet just in time for your new years resolution

Fish oil helps world's fattest man lose 158 kilos
Published: 22 December, 2006
Manuel Uribe

THE world's fattest man just got lighter by 158.75 kilos, all thanks to a celebrity diet that includes guzzling fish oil.

According to, Manuel Uribe hit his, and the world's, highest weight when he tipped the scales at a massive 596.90 kilos, equalling that of five baby elephants put together.

Unfortunately, no diet seemed to help the 41-year old Mexican, who even turned to a quack who advised him to spray himself with lambs' blood.

Thankfully for Uribe, help came in the form of The Zone, a diet devised by American Dr Barry Sears, which is regularly followed by stars such as Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston.

The celebrity diet involves eating a lot of chicken, vegetables and salad, as well as a fish oil supplement that reportedly speeds up weight loss by activating fat-burning enzymes.

Uribe now weighs in at 438.15 kilos.
strange richard simmons didn't track that guy down. : )

[off topic on this one greg. i have great early morning memories of howley from spring,summer 86. seeing caribou strutting pass my sleeping quarters in the early morning was one. another was of a lady horseback riding around dawn.reminded me of an english movie. few old co-workers dropped by last evening and howley,gaff topsails and kitty's brook was a topic of the night.seems like im the only one that can remember the lady on the horse! do you know anyone that use to ride there at that time?]
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