Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Awesome Labrador

Awesome labrador!

Here is a tourism commercial for Labrador along the lines of the Recent Newfoundland Labrador tourism initiative, specifically "The Flat Earth Society says this is one of the four corners of the world.". Only this one is done by an individual I think.

H/T: http://torngats.blogspot.com/2006/12/awesome-labrador.html
nice!...but they could of left out the brief snowmobile scene.
nice!...but they could of left out the brief snowmobile scene.
It was done by the tourism department. However, it has never aired on TV. It was posted to the net, and distributed on DVD to the tourism industry, but it was not used on TV.

The Newfoundland and Newfoundland department of tourism has NEVER, to my knowledge, used any images of Labrador in its TV or newspaper advertisements.
What's the matter with the snowmobile scene?
Pity the Labrador video was not aired widely on msm, we pay taxes of all types up here too, big spin off’s for all I would think.
As to the snowmobiles, no good trying to hide the facts, snowmobiles are used a good five months of the year, from Rigolet north it’s the only way you can get around. Well not the only way, but the only modern “consumer society” way.
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