Saturday, December 16, 2006


Air Labrador and Mr's Claus to give away Turkeys at Black Tickle Newfoundland and labrador

Just heard about the great "Turkey Trot Festival" give away in Black Tickle this year. I only caught a part of the media coverage. It would seem Mr Pike from Air Labrador is coordinating the turkey give away and Mrs Claus set it up.

Listen to the Turkey give away at Black Tickle by Air Labrador here.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy the tukey :)

PS: While I don't live in NL I do clean out my cupboards this time of year and usually buy some Purity products to donate to food banks to promote NL products and allow others to enjoy the exceptionally good products produced in NL. It has gotten alot easier to get purity products over the years it used to be I had to find specialty stores which stocked European products to find Purity products but now even Zellers stocks purity products.
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