Thursday, November 09, 2006


Where is the made in canada fisheries plan?

Tom Rideout told a Senate committee on fisheries today in St. John's that a ban would put tremendous pressure on Canada to impose a similar ban inside its territorial waters.

He says a ban would come at the detriment of many important fisheries in Newfoundland.

Rideout concedes there are legitimate concerns about bottom trawling but supports finding ways to deal with those concerns instead of a complete ban.

No Canadian vessels drag the ocean bottom in international waters, but they do fish for groundfish and shrimp within the 200-mile limit.

More short sighted Short term gain for Long term pain policies. This is bad when our own province doesn't see what is to be gained by this short term pain. It isn't even short term pain for us because like is stated in this article canada and Nl doesn't bottom drag on the high seas.

This is one issue that will make me and many other NL'ians not support the NL PC party if this is going to be their stance on this issue. Personally I've tried to be objective with maybe a slight leaning towards forgiving Danny on his policies with the constant reminder that he is doing what is in the best interest of the province. But I fail to find anything in the best interest of the province in this stance which makes me think twice about all of the other policies and decisions Danny has made or hasn't made depending upon the case.

canada truely is a puppet on the world stage.
-Can't or won't take control of the grand banks, despite promising to do so at every turn and by every politicasl party.
-Maher Arar a canadian citizen gets sold out and deported and tortured with the blessing of our protection agencies CSIS, and the RCMP along with the complicity of our elected representatives.
Drug king is going to be extradited to the US for selling seeds in the US meanwhile Holland is shipping seeds throughout the world at an unprecedented rate. just pick up one of those weed magazines. Seeds for 100$ or more a seed.
-Canadian citizen arrested in china and held with little or no discusion with canada.
-mexico lied and falsely accused canadian citizens in a murder case. refuses to give canada access to case file at first.
-Us and world discounts canada's claim to the artic, even surfaced a sub during the last election. I have my suspicions on that one as putting a ferather in Harpers policy cap to take control and extend soverignity to the artic.
-CIA come and go in canada at will without telling our officials what they are doing.

Just to name a few of the more recent and ongoing soverignity slights canada has been subjected to or allowed as of late.

Just look at the number of scientists, present and former politicians why have shown their support for a moratorium on Bottom Dragging.

Here is the report that predicts the total annihalation of fish in the seas because of destructive and indiscriminant Bottom Dragging practices because of the destruction of habitat and targeted fishing practices which are compromising the oceans biodiversity.
Where are the protected zones?
No Bottom Dragging zones?
Wild fish parks?
Coral safe zones?
Non-Destructive fishing practice zones?
Selective fishing zones?
Bio-diverse habitate zones?
Experimental reefs?
Reef and coral rehabilitation plans?
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