Sunday, November 19, 2006


U.S. general says winter offensive planned against Taliban in Afghanistan

Why you need tanks and acurate artillery. Afghan houses aren't what you and I know they are mud, brick or stone walls one foot thick. Normal weapons small arms fire is useless so are grenades and M72's for the most part. every house mud hut or feed storage building is equivalant to a pill box designed with military specs in mind for defence. Most even have slots as firing ports not unlike the castles from the 14 century castles of Europe. It would be ludicrious to expect our sons and daughters to attack such fortifications withour heavy weapon support. The one common weak point these fortified houses would seem to have i their roofs which is why artillery is so important as is air delivered weapons systems. Mortars could be an option but their accuracy and speed at which they can be brought to bear may be probititive?
Now were talking. Us the weather to our advantage. We know how to operate in cold climate and the Taliban don't. They don't have the support infrastructure or material means to fight duting the winter we do.

Same could be said for night fighting. The night is our friend IMO it is an equalizer for not knowing the terrain. We have night vision infrared both on the ground and in the air.

Here is a prime example of our superiority at night.

fighting in Afghanistan is costing Canadian taxpayers more than expected -- a lot more.Papers obtained under Access to Information laws shows the cost overrun at close to 500 million dollars. An estimate last March put the cost of the mission at 1.7 billion dollars, but a new updated estimate October 1st puts the figure at 2.5 billion.

You can't put your young men and women in harms way and worry about cost. If so pull them out if thats what the lives of our young men and women come down to is what I say. Put up or shut up, your not in the line of fire.

UPDATE: Any night ops should be done in conjunction with a curfew. Anyone moving at night is an automatic suspect and would be suspect to halt, arrest and interogation.
This wouldn't really a PRT initiative but rather an attempt to curb the movement of the taliban and setting of road side bombs.
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