Monday, November 27, 2006


Twenty years in the making By Greg Knott from the Coaster

Here is an interesting excerpt from this article. This is the kind of knowledge Cooke Aquaculture is bringing with them through the funding provided by OTT to the St Stephen Salmon interpretive centre and aquaculture funding in NB.


A few years ago, in New Brunswick, there was an outbreak of an infectious disease among its farmed fish population that landed a huge blow to that province’s aquaculture industry.

“What they learned from that experience is that there should be more site separation. Sites should be rotated and fallowed on a regular basis. So if you use it for a year then you fallow it and give it a break for a year.”

Another big piece in bio-security is having separate in-flow and an out-flow wharfs. Ms. Perry said it is important to have one wharf dedicated to everything going out to sea, including small baby fish and feed, and one wharf dedicated to everything coming in from the sea, such as mature fish.

She said in some communities wharfs are used extensively and some communities need more room to accommodate everyone.

“They’re being used for the traditional fishery, they’re being used for aquaculture, they’re being used for ferries, and they’re also being used by recreational boaters.

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