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Todd Russell being played?

Repost just for fun

NL Lib party exec stated on VOC al M inority radio call in show one night that the Federal Liberals (ON draws party line by majority) were paying for some of the Provincial Liberals expenses.

Talk about you're conflict of interest. How will the Prov Libs be able to say no to the OTT Libs (ON/QC party line) when they've had their expenses paid for by the Fed Lib party for the last while. The Prov Lib party won't be able to refuse or bargain in good faith with the shadow of indebtedness to the Fed Lib party hanging over their head. The Prov Liberals won't be able to say we can't accept these conditions because that wouldn't be in the best interest of the citizens of NL whom we represent, when the Fed Libs have been paying for the Prov Libs expenses?

While I can see the need for a plan for the building and development of the Trans Labrador Highway what I don't understand is why is Todd Russell airing this publicly on VOC al M inority open line shows? Isn't Todd Russel supposed to represent the Province of Newfoundland Labrador in Ottawa? Specifically the people of Labrador, but overall the province of NL?

So why isn't he working with the Provincial govt to get this thing done instead of going on the open lines and slandering Past and Present NL govt's for not having a plan for the construction and development of the Provincial.

It would seem Mr Russell whom I would like to support because he is supposedly our representative in Ott but it would seem he is being played by the Fed Lib party to support the pProv Lib party by bad mouthing the current NL govt all the while funding for the TLH Phase III gets pushed to the back burner probably to be used as an election promise again and again.

I saw Mr Russell during question period a while back he was putting some slanderous info about the CPC party out there, but obviously he either wasn't well enough briefed or was given the task due to the erronious nature of the info and was shot down in flames. SAD. Makes you wonder if we really aren't stupid NEWFIES when the Federal political parties ON/QC by default use our own to eat our own all the while the ON/QC interests are being protected to the detriment of NL's interests.

Sounds like stall tactics on the part of the CPC for one thing and partisan politics by Todd Russell on the part of the Fed Libs by Todd Russell to the detriment of the Province as a whole not to mention a hinderance for the completion of the TLH.

Maybe I'm wrong maybe Mr Russell went to his Prov counterparts and discussed this in private before airing what would appear to be a dig at the Prov PC govt in favor of the Prov Lib party.

Ahh but there is the rub the TLH has been ongoing now since 1992 if not before Under Well's, Tobin, Tulk, Grimes and now Williams. So where was their plan and cost benefit analysis? You would think that 4 previous governments would have had a plan somewhere in their back pocket if they were asking for funding from the federallies for a national infrastructure project.

It is pretty apparent that ON/QC aren't to happy with Danny Williams approach to the federallies to date in standing up to the ON/QC party line in demanding what is best for the people he represents by reading the Notional newspapers calling the Premier of NL Hugo Chavez of the north for not bowing to the interests of ON/QC party line, and big oil. All the while OTT who shouldn't have a say in the provinces resources refuses to turn over the 8.5% ownership or Fallow Field legislation because that would be sending the wrong message from the country to big oil and business's that OTT will interfere in provincial private negotiations. Well if the Federallies feel they are in a conflict of interest by having a say in the running and operation of a provinces resources maybe they should get out of it and let the province which owns and relies on the resources get the best deal from it's resources for it's people without having to worry about the majority of canadians by default ON/QC.

Then there is the fear every Prime Minister has of being the one who will be at the helm when the self fulfilling prophecy that canada is, comes to fruition and she breaks apart. Hence the funding from the Fed Lib party for the prov Lib party expenses and the back pedaling and reneging of promises made promises broken by the Fed CPC party ON/QC line.

OTT ON/QC by default want Premier Williams gone and the status Quo returned whereby they can continue utilizing NL as a colony of ON.

Williams is but a figure head if there was a competent unbiased and un bought off Prov Liberal leader who was as competent and unbiased leader. I'm sure he would have as good a chance as Williams at becoming the next Prov premier but as it stands right now with Gerry Reid at the helm of the Prov Lib party and the Prov Lib party having their expenses being paid for by the Fed Lib party. Williams will be there until a new Lib leader is found or the leader of the NDP becomes more vocal and stands up for the people of NL without pandering to the OTT party line drawn by ON/QC due to their majority in this colonial/Federalist, Democratic/Imperialist country.

Getting rid of Danny Williams in favor of Gerry Reid might silence the VOC al M inority liberal supporters and persons with personal agendas like Sue Kelland-Dyer who wants her 90,000$ dollar a year Leberal consulting job back for the time being, but the silent majority will still be out there brewding and getting more and more frustrated with each and every successive Federal govt in MOUSELAND where the only equality the provinces have with Ontario and the party line drawn by ON/QC is to get out of this phony federation.

I guess canada never learned anything from the October crisis and the FLQ affair.

It's funny you know I've been to a few war toren countries and the story is always the same colonialism no equality and protecting the rights of the Majority even if it's to the detriment of the minority who depend on the resources and benmefits the majority. This was the one saving grace canada had goiung for it the provinces owned and controlled their own resources and once OTT through the Kangaroo Supreme court of canada KCC with 3 judges from Ontario and 3 judges from Quebec ruled that the offshore oil and gas on NL' continental shelf was owned and controlled by OTT the writing was on the wall and the cat was out of the bag about this colonialist/federation. Not to forget the ruling on the Upper churchill by the KCC.

If canada ON/QC has any chance of keeping the status quo and the current of proceeding Prime Minmisters don't want to be known as the PM who allowed the country to break up they had better fix this glaring abolision of the intent of canada by giving NL the 8.5% ownership they have in the Hiebernia project bought with canadian tax payers dollars in exchange for annuling the Atlantic Accord. Give up their 50% ownership and control of the Offshore oil and gas to try and appease the other provinces into giving up 50% of their resources towards the Equalization formula. Implement some claw back measures against Ontario so they don't get to keep their tax points above and beyond the national average.

Stop paying funds out on a per capita basis because that just equates to colonial funding and implement some nation building programs instead of pandering to the vote rich ON/QC provinces.

Don't bother commenting WJM "Wallace McLean, who has worked in Labrador constituency office in Happy Valley-Goose Bay for seven years,"I will delete your comments. I don't need the aggravation or circle talk.

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