Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Thank-you NDP in particular Peter Stoffer

The Veterans First Motion:

* Eliminates the “gold-digger” clause of the Canadian Forces Superannuation Act – now second spouses of Canadian Forces members and veterans have access to pension rights upon the death of the member or veteran.
* Extends the VIP (Veterans Independence Program) to all widows of all veterans, regardless of the time of death of the veteran and regardless of whether the veteran was in receipt of VIP services prior to his/her death.
* Increases the Survivor’s Pension Amount upon death of Canadian Forces retiree to 66% from the current amount of 50% so that it is in line with basic living expenses and the current cost of living.
* Eliminates the unfair reduction of SISIP (Service Income Security Insurance Plan) long term disability benefits from medically released members of the Canadian Forces so that veterans are fairly compensated for injuries suffered in the line of duty.
* Eliminates the deduction from annuity for retired and disabled Canadian Forces members – once again ensuring that veterans are fairly compensate for their injuries.

Veterans have already fought to protect this country – they shouldn’t have to fight again to receive a fair pension in order to live with dignity.

I realized after being released from the military due to health issues why SISIP is one of canada's top employers. Because they collect money from military members who pay into their insurance plan for years but upon being injured and medically released they seldom have to pay out any monies to these claimants. SISIP has a clause in their contract plan that they only have to top up any income a claimant to their insurance plan up to 75% I believe it is.
So if you get injured so bad that you get medically released from the military chances are you will get a VAC pension and depending upon your injury and severity you might even qualify for a CPP pension. Odds are SISIP walks away laughing all the way to the bank. In fact SISIP even makes a point of encouraging claimants to apply for CPP so they can reduce their pay out.
They also allocate 20,000$ for redeucation to be used in three years but if you are unable to, thats another bag of money SISIP gets to laugh all the way to the bank with all the while the poor veteran who served his country and defended the poorest of the poor in the world may very well be left living below the poverty line with poor health for his or her sacrifice.

Now those of you in good health might say well I would love to get 75% of my pay if I were to get injured but the fact of the matter is in order for you to get a 75% pension in one form or another you will have to have lost a significant portion of your health and ability to help yourself.

Then there is the Clawing back of you military pension from CPP. Which if I'm not mistaken doesn't happen until the SISIP time line is up. More money to laugh all the way to the bank with.
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