Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Sentinel fishery sentenced to death

DFO still in the dark following court decision

Future of ‘sentinel’ fisheries in question as result of judge’s ruling

The Packet

A decision by the Federal Court of Appeal in June could impact future research on crab and northern cod stocks.

On June 23 the court ruled the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans does not have the power to finance scientific research activities of the department by selling fishery resources that it manages.

The case was in relation to crab surveys, whereby fishers are given licences to fish for crab for scientific purposes and the minister permits the sale from the catches to be used to finance the survey.

In his decision Justice de Montigny noted the case did not challenge the scope of the minister’s discretionary power in matters of issuing fishing licences.

"Nor is anyone challenging that the licence at issue had been delivered for the purposes authorized by the Fisheries Act and by the Fishery (General) Regulations to the extent that the issuance of the licence for scientific purposes was "in keeping with the proper management and control of fisheries" as per section 532 of the Regulations."

The problem, in the judge’s opinion, was a money issue.


Not much odds by the sounds of it. The 3000 lbs inshore fishers were alloted this year wasn't enough for them to go out and catch and alot of the fishers did exactly that.

What I don't understand is how the funding works? Do the fishermen who participate in the sentinel fishery have to turn over their profits from their catch to DFO for the cost of the study?

Simms agrees, noting the federal government is currently in the process of calculating budget estimates. Now is the time to ensue there is money to continue the crab surveys, he says.

"Instead of playing the blame game right now, let’s look at the fact we’ve lost $50 million, and let’s try to recoup that."

I guess we'll have to get our sentinel science from the foreigners who continue unabated on the 40% of our continental shelf Grand Banksruptcy outside teh 200 mile limit. The ones carrying a green diplomatic passport and are immune to prosecution for their terrorist activities against the people of NL and the environment, all in the name of profit.
When I raised this issue on VOCM nightline a good while ago - the news department had no interest in it - the same way they have no interest in Harvest Energy Trust and the impacts to Come by Chance refinery - since the new tax laws on trusts...
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