Monday, November 20, 2006


Poorly managed constitutional cattle boats

Interesting OP-ED from the Telegram not much substance just pointing out the failings of canada with regard to it's constitutional committments to this province.
them poorly managed constitutional cattle boats,"

It appears to be an interview with the former minister of tourism "I'm speaking as private citizen," Chuck Furey said.

Marine Atlantic report.
Senator Bakers question on NL's presence on Marine Atlantic's Board of directors.

Alot of what Mr Furey references appears to have come from a report done back in 1999 called "On Deck and Below".

Terms of union.

My question is what costs more to build and maintain a four lane divided highway which canadian citizens can travel on for free or a couple of boats to get people across the gulf which they have to pay 200 plus dollars per person and vehicle and unknown other costs due to the increases in goods and services due to the toll paid for using the Toll canada highway called marine atlantic for the residents of NL.

Like the PEI confabrication bridge there is no such thing as one way traffic to the island hence PEI only charges to leave the island at something like 45$ all inclusive no matter how many people you have in your vehicle. Unlike canada's Marine Atlantic toll ferry which nickles and dimes canada's non residents in NL with fees for the driver on top of the vehicle and fees for each and every passenger.

I would guess that building maintaining and operating a ferry system is cheaper than an equivalant 4 lane highway system.

Then there is the fixed link option by way of uniting Newfoundland and Labrador including Northern Quebec and accessing the untapped opportunities by way of this route. Driving the final spike in uniting our country if you will.

Edited to remove reference to being charge GST on passage. GST is only charged on accomodation.
As if being marginalized, no equality other than the option to get out, lumped in with the maritimes and raped by quebec wasn't enough.

Why is the driver of a vehicle charger passenger fees? Is there an option to just put your vehicle on the ferry? Nope didn't think so there should be no charge for the driver of a vehicle it is a mute point and just a cash grab unless of course Marine Atlantic is willing to supply drivers for the transport of vehicles alone.

Either that or provide car carrying tractor trailers to increase capacity at a cut rate for the inconvienience.

The terms of union are all but useless now seeing as OTT ON/QC has eliminated the Rail Road due to mismanagement, destroyed the fishery to appease foreign interests and protect the majority of canadians ON/QC by default to the detriment of the residents of NL who depended on the resource, Downloading operation fees for the Gander Airport while keeping the lucritive fly over fees amounting to millions if not billions of dollars for the OTT coffers, and the fiasco and raw deal NL was coherced (Conflict of interest) into signing due to OTTawa's capitulance to quebec when it came to wheeling power across canada, just to name a few of the travesties OTT has perpetrated against the Non canadians who live in NL.

Then there is the lack of military presence in NL after canada forced the Americans out after WWII. Unlike PEI which was given funding and tax breaks to develop a IT and aerospace industry in PEI after the base there was closed.

NL was given nothing even the enviromental damage was caused by the Americans was forgiven by OTT to NL's detriment as can be seen with INCO's refusal to build in Argentia unless indemnity was granted which OTT refused to do.
How has the federal government not lived up to its constitutional obligations?

If it has failed to do so, the province could and should take them to court.
Unlike PEI which was given funding and tax breaks to develop a IT and aerospace industry in PEI after the base there was closed.

So, in return for funding and tax breaks, which base in NL are you suggesting should be closed?
Hello Wallace J McLean

"Wallace McLean, who has worked in Labrador constituency office in Happy Valley-Goose Bay for seven years,"

So how is it Todd Russell one of the most junior MP's was put in charge of the Atlantic Caucus?

Is he the errand boy for the Ontario caucaus in exchange for pushing his and your agenda to have Labrador separate from NewfoundlandLabrador?
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