Thursday, November 16, 2006


NewfoundlandLabrador chance to flex more mussel

Ahh but there is the problem of the supposed canadian sea food boycott by the ARA's. What company in their right mind is going to want to invest in a sea food enterprise in NL when there is a world wide effort to boycott NL/canadian sea food industry?

There is also the problem of no access to the south shore by a road net work. Even if the Connaigre peninsula were connected by a road to the Burin peninsula it would alleviate some of the impediments to expanding the mussel industry along the south shore. The South shore could also be linked up from the west with a road from burgeo to Port Aux Basques leaving only the section from Burgeo to the Connaigre peninsula to be linked up.

The report also expresses concerns about not targeting valued added markets with our mussels. By targeting the fresh mussel markets in the US market which we have a competitive advantge by proximity.

A regular Hurc flight to New York or Boston is what is needed to access these value added markets of 300 million consumers.

Here is the reports on water quality on the south shore which makes it such an ideal location for an expanded mussel farming industry.

H/T The Independant
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