Monday, November 27, 2006


Good news round up

Rewards of entrepreneurship outweigh challenges says Osmond

The Gulf News

John Osmond says he’d do it all again when it comes to working with fish plants despite ongoing challenges and the uncertainty facing the fishing industry.

Mr. Osmond started his career in the fish processing world nearly 28 years ago when he was hired at Eric King Fisheries as a labourer. Now he owns Codroy Seafoods and employs nearly 50 people.

When he started with King’s Fishery, Mr. Osmond worked on the CN Marine boats and at the fish plant in Burnt Islands on his days off.
Feds commit to $4 million for sewage treatment plant, says Hickey

The Labradorian

The Federal Government of Canada has agreed to provide funding one-third of the $12 million needed to build a sewage treatment plant in Happy Valley-Goose Bay said John Hickey, Minister of Transportation and Works and Labrador Affairs. “We have been championing for this for a long time. The province has already committed to their third,” he told The Labradorian.

But Happy Valley-Goose Bay Town Mayor Leo Abbass isn’t making any concrete plans to move the project further ahead yet. “ By word of mouth we’ve heard that [federal government had committed to the funding], but there has been nothing in writing.

“Until the formal word that it’s-a-go, we couldn’t go out and try to secure a $4 million loan.”

Heightened security for port could bring prosperity

By Christopher Vaughan
The Georgian

The Port Harmon Authority will soon get a boost to its security system and hopefully to its business prospects, thanks to new funding from a Transport Canada.

The federal department is providing support to seven ports and marine facilities in Newfoundland and Labrador under the Marine Security Contribution Program, to aid in developing and enhancing aquatic security.

The province is set to receive more than $750,000 and Stephenville's Port Harmon Authority Ltd. has been allocated to receive up to $150,000 of those funds.

He notes since 9/11, all vessels traveling to the United States can only enter their ports if the previous ports they visited are part of the International Ship and Port Facility Security [ISPS] Code. This new funding will allow the Port Harmon Authority Ltd. to be a part of this extended network.

Bog farm agricultural grade peat stephenville area

LNG Grassy knoll Bonavista

Refinery study moves into second stage

Pension Income Splitting Available to the Province’s Seniors

Belleoram Crushed Rock Export Quarry Env Ass

Deer lake Nicholsville bridge to be replaced

Government is continuing to invest in our tourism sector and will continue to aggressively market Newfoundland and Labrador. We demonstrated this commitment during Budget 2005 and Budget 2006 when we increased the tourism marketing budget by $3 million bringing the total annual Marketing Budget to $10.0 million.

Used Tire Recycling Plan Moving Forward

Government Ensures Labrador Communities Can Access Supplies

Fibre Optic expansion, South shore to get high speed and prov to get second link redundancy.

Cooke Aquaculture to invest and set up large enterprise in NL

Red Tape reduction update

government has agreed to assist Brookfield Dairy Group to expand its premium ice-cream production operation. The expansion will see Brookfield using industrial milk from our province’s dairy farmers to produce high-quality specialty ice-creams.

Recoverable oil reserves upgraded

More land plot contracts granted for oil and gas exploration

Return of direct European flights compliments of the Humber Valley Resort chartered flights

Literacy partnership promotes literacy CUDO's to ROTARY'ians
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