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Good for NL but dammit it looks bad.

I would classify this as a short term pain for long term gain type of deal for the province. All controversy personal agendas and politiking aside.

But dammit it looks bad.

Now the question is who is going to bear the brunt of short term pain? Not the province because any improvement in our telecommunications network will only benefit the province. And 15 million to get an ownership stake and redundancy in our telle comms networks is a bargain IMHO. Not to mention the South Shore getting access to high speed. The South Shore like labrador is a diamond in the rough that needs to be built upon in order to move our province forward.

The south Shore has perfect enviromental and geograpic conditions to foster the worlds largest Aquaculture industry. But unfortunately is limited by it's isolation and lack of infrastructure to develop this growing Year round employment.

If you want to use a comparison it is kinda like what the Conservatives just did with the income trusts. Only the feds had enough sence to off set any short term pain by including income splitting for seniors (Baby Boomers) by far the majority of voters in canada at this time.
For that matter Harper never to my knowlkedge disclosed whoi his financila supporters were. I and I suspect most people suspect his largest contributors were and are the oil companies who have a vested interest in keeping Albertas Tar sands going even if it kills us.

So how do you do business in such a sparsly populated province with out looking like you are pork barreling? How does Irving do it? Do they donate to all of the political parties? I know they get investment and enter into partnerships with the province of NB and Acadia so why doesn't NB ever have these kinds of scandals or perceived scandals what wit hIrving owning the majority of the province of NB and Acadia?

That's not a bad idea all political donations have to be divied up equally amongst the different political parties. Maybe by vote percentage or by party I don't know just a thought. We've got to find a way to deal with this so business's can be encouraged to do business here as well as remove the pork barrelling stigma that surrounds political donations.

The job of govt is not to make work but rather to create an environment that attracts investment and business and I think this is exactly what this investment is.

I am totally exstatic that the South Shore will finally get high speed and the province will get an improved telecommunications network.

As for the

I totally disregard any comments by Alliant because they have their own intersts at stake and don't really care so much about any improvements in the provinces tele infrast.
I totally disregard the Liberals arguements because it amunts to nothing more than politiking. It's like Joey said "Whats the first priority of a political party? To get elected. What's the second priority of a political party? To get elected and so on and so on." Paraphrased of course.
Then there are all of the dissenting voices like Sue, Simon Lono, and Ed Hollet. I would fall of my chair if either one of these individuals ever agreed with anything the PC party did, so by the fact that they have political leanings and or personal agendas I discount them as partisan or gold diggers.

In the end the real winner in this deal will be the province.

The only question I have is what ownership stake will the people get for their investment in an improved tele comms network?
I know the people of the south coast will benefit both personally and more likely through business attraction if not through small buysiness and home based business's.

As for some peoples arguement that there are already two fibre optic cable going across the gulf. hats all well and good but you could have 1000 cables across as long as there is only one switch on either end it still amounts to a very weak link in a chain.

lets not forget Idol days have we forgotten having to go to pay phones to get a line out? This was dismissed as overload and such but the fact remains one company and one switch couldn't handle the volumn from a meer 500,000 people of which probably only 100,000 were trying to phone and vote on idol.

Well Danny it remains to be seen if the Liberals can make political hay out of this but in the long run IMHO the province will be better of for your martydom if that's what it takes.

Thank-You for falling on the sword for your fellow NL'ians.

Now if we could just make aliant put their money where their mouth is and run a fibre optic line to labrador. Lots of room for investment in this sector in NL so lets see some more deals like this that will benefit the province as a whole.

But dam it looks bad.

Setting the Context for a
Broadband Strategy

In conclusion, there was consensus among those interviewed that they supported the development of a provincial broadband strategy as the current approach to development had been fragmented and had ultimately not been very collaborative. Based on the information contained in this document, it is recommended that the following be considered in the development of a provincial strategy.

Federal smart communities initiative
Canadian Broadband

Found this article in the cbncompass and thought he posed some good questions highlighted some positive options.

There is only one ommision that I can see right of hand without getting into detail and that would be the competitive factor. Going the Xplorenet route wouldn't provide any real competition to the masses. While providing High speed access to remote communities is one plus of this deal I don't think it is the main underlying factors. Competition and redundancy by way of a second carrier is. Not to mention ownership equity whatever it is called by way of having dedicated fibre lines.

Hopefully this will help with the canadian Idol competition.
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