Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Discrimination against Newfoundlanders by Averill Baker


Foreign fishermen have it made around here. It’s enough to rot your socks.

If you’re from Japan, Bulgaria, Cuba, Denmark, Greenland, France, Iceland, Korea, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, United States, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Spain or Germany you’ve got it made.

Each fisherman from each of those nations cannot be prosecuted under any law while catching Newfoundland fish – a kind of diplomatic immunity. They have immunity from prosecution for violating fishing laws that we have to abide by in Canada.

These foreigners fish the exact same species, in the exact same fishing zones, under the exact same quotas as Newfoundlanders – yet the foreigners are immune from prosecution when they break the law.

I’m not talking about the fact that all of these foreigners can catch any fish in the ocean as an allowable bycatch, even cod, and never get charged, while a Newfoundlander is a criminal if he or she has a cod in the boat. I am not talking about that outrageous inequality. I am talking about the foreign fishermen who fish on those 50 to 100 foreign factory ships that are dragging on the Newfoundland continental shelf every minute of every day of the year and can never be charged with breaking the law.

Save a copy because it only gets archived for a couple of weeks.
I didn't know Greenland and Denmark were separate countries.
What are you telling me for email Averill Baker.

I guess they are as separate as Newfoundland and Labrador or
Nova Scotia and Cape Breton or
British Colombia and Vancouver Island or
Quebec and the Eastern Townships

and those are just the ones separated by water that doesn't even count the separations in other less tangible ways.
I'm telling you just to let you know you are cutting and pasting articles from someone who obviously doesn't do her research.

But then again it probably doesn't matter to you because anyone with a law degree and a knack for making Newfoundland look like a victim must be right no matter what they say.
Truth hurts!
Greenland and Denmark are more separate, politically, than Newfoundland and Labrador.

"Nova Scotia and Cape Breton", "British Columbia and Vancouver Island", and "Quebec and the Eastern Townships" are meaningless phrases. Cape Breton is part of Nova Scotia. Vancouver Island is part of British Columbia (the name British Columbia was invented for the merger of Vancouver's Island as it was then called, and New Caledonia, as the mainland was called). The Townships are part of Quebec, and they aren't separated by water from anything, let alone the rest of Quebec.
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