Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Dalton Mc Gimme and ON never quit asking for hand outs.

First his province like every other province is given the gas tax revenue to help the municipalities, then they are given 80,000,000.000 million to improve the security of their transit now ON is asking for a 1% cut of taxes. Even though ON has the highest tax point capability to raise funds which I might add doesn't get clawed back unlike what happens to the colonies Non-Renewables and which is being bandied around to be included in equalization formula.

I thought the gas tax was designed just for things like this extra 80 million the federallies just gave to the cities. I guess Harper is determined to get his majority and it is the cities ON/QC that will get it for him. So much for rural canada who elected him this time around. He'll throw those few serfs a few promises and some chump change just before the election to shut them up.

Miller wants 1 cent from either the provincial sales tax or federal GST generated in Toronto, which is worth about $450 million a year. He wants to use the money to build rapid transit lines, help the homeless and deal with potential recessions.

The province has already taken steps to improve the city's bottom line by giving it $160 million in gas-tax revenue, uploading some public health and ambulance costs, and giving Toronto the power to raise additional revenues by taxing such things as cigarettes and alcohol, the premier said.

My god what happened to buiolding a country? It seems we are stuck with what we have and all canadians can see is improving, renovating or building new infrastructure in urban canada while NL has thrid world ferries highest dept per capita of the whole country and no roads in Labrador, no fixed link, no east west power corridor, no hard top on the parts of the TLH which are completed in dirt, no operationally manned military bases and on and on.

Where have all of the visionairies and nation builders gone? I guess the yare all living in urban canada at least all of the votes are in urban canada and thats what counts when it comes to getting re-elected.

In the words of Joey Smallwood
What is the first priority of a poll itician?
To get elected.

What is the second priority of a Poll itician?
Get re-elected.

I actually heard the mayor of TO on the radio today and he was getting on with TO should become it's own province or something along those lines.

Great idea ON is to big for the good of the country anyway. Split her up into 30 provinces each with 10 seats in HOC. Makes more sense than what some of those upalongs get on with in combining the maritimes into one large province.

Lets see
Ontario, toronto, Ruperts land, Kewateen
Quebec, Lower north shore, Eastern townships and beauce, Ungava land
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