Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Commons approves motion for state funeral

All federal parties offered their unanimous support Tuesday in favour of a motion seeking a full state funeral for all Canadians who served during the First World War when the final veteran passes away.

The House of Commons voted unanimously in favor of an NDP motion asking the government to sponsor the state funeral.

Only three surviving First World War veterans - Percy Wilson, 105, and Lloyd Clemett and John Babcock, both 106 - are still alive.

NDP Leader Jack Layton said the government should recognize that a state funeral would celebrate "the contribution of a whole generation of Canadians who served, whether overseas or here at home and their families as well."


Along the same lines Brian from http://torngats.blogspot.com/ did a link to this story in the
Nunatsiaq News Taissumani: A Day in Arctic History
November 20, 1917 – In Memory of John Shiwak, Inuit Sniper

Sign the petition.
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