Saturday, November 18, 2006


Bottom Dragging parody in the guise of South Park


Please email/phone someone anyone to tell canada and the world to support a call for a moratorium on Bottom Dragging.

Here are some more good Ecards. I like the Pulp Fishin one.
I signed the form from Gr**peace. I have not read a whole lot of the "pros" of bottom trawling, but my first impression of whole bottom dragging idea is that have we mishandled our fishery that much so now we are scrapping the bottom of the barrell? Sure the oceans are huge but dragging across the bottom is not planting seeds, or treating habitats in a way where it is beneficial for future stocks. To me it is another sign of the influence of big business on governments, to get their way, and in a desperate way at that. People take the planet for granted, especially in "civilized" countries.
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