Friday, November 17, 2006


Aurora Borealis screen saver: hopefully live.

I would really like to set this up as a screen saver or background but I have been unable to find the link or the site.

Any ideas?

Lucky devil driving that truck. Brrr LOL.

Along the same lines.
Is it global warming or just a natural phenomenom? You be the judge.
Personally I don't think it could hurt to assume it is global warming and try and combat ourselves. It really is the only thing we as miniscule pecks and futile little beings can do. Exception being kill ourselves.

I'll say it again what manking needs is an alien invasion to wake us up to our similarities and combined future on this lonely planet.

Don't believe me take a look for yourself.

For that matter just go outside and look up in the timeless words of Mr Dress-up Look up Way up and I'll call Rusty and something about that pesky Finigan LOL. Ahh simpler times n'est pas?

Best thing I ever did was cancel Cable Digita lcable and get rid of my satelitte Well soon any one want to buy a star choice satellite? Couldn't et NTV anyway I guerss you can now but it's gonna cast you like everything else these days.

I read an article in the Indy last week called Simpler Times It was about moose hunting or just getting back to nature being cheap relatively Iguess since they all had ATV's and lived so far in the woods they had to come out to see the trees. :) yep simpler times alright right of passage into mankood which every boy should get to experience. On this fronnt even Bin Laden has an inlklink of thruith to his teachings. Live of the land so when the bomb fdrops we will be the only ones left who know how to survive. Yepo if only his intentions with this methoidology were good. Ohh well satelite can be blamed for that now the whole world thinks we live in hollywood No Holy Rood doesn't count but would look nivce on the hill side in Holly rood :) If i was only younfger and lived nesar there my mischievious little devil on my shoulder would have been screaming in my ear whether or not I was drunk enough to listen to him is another question only the moment would decide or how bewautiful the girl to be impressed .Girls like bad boys at least some and probably more than less.

I f NL'ians had more tractors and less ATV's we might get further ahead.

Cabin time share start an agency to compile a list of cabins for rent when whee how much etc. amenities so anyone with real estate experience something like this would be right up their alley.

Now dealing with the NL psyckie and getting the word out that would require some vocm advertising and tesimonials far and wide to attract tourists and get the world exposure and hence business. Proably need insurane as well cover your and the cabin owners ass.

Lord knows we have enough cabins. May as well make some money with them when they aren't being used which is alot with our older population and transient population bunch of gypsies with no place to call home well at least we have that for now the next generation won't even have that.

Time is running out and your to afraid to speak out because your indebted to the system and establishment.

It's time to shake of the bonds of colonialism and do it ourselves sink or swim either way that water is going to be cold when you first jump in.

I'm a kinda jump right into that cold water kind of guy I could never just wade in I always had to jump.
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