Saturday, November 18, 2006


30 million in scratch to protect the salmon

The gift that keeps on giving Endowement fund/sea lice parasites from salmon farms.
I wonder would a rehabilitation project to build a fish ladder from Deer Lake up to Main Dam Qualify or has that damage been done so long ago that it is long forgotten.

"I hope that we can learn from the wipe out of a complete salmon run in 1924, when a dam was built on Junction Brook, a major tributary of the Humber River, the elimination of another run on Rattling Brook, a major tributary of the Exploits River in 1958, and the annihilation of trophy trout populations when the Star Lake Hydro Dam was constructed just a few short years ago,"

It seems to me that this endowment fund is going to be used to clean up the mess aquaculture has made of the Bay of fundy?
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