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Birch sap wine producer hopes product on shelves by Christmas

Just a few excerpts from a very interesting innovative and entrepreneurial enterprise article.

Small beginning could bring huge returns

Birch sap wine producer hopes product on shelves by Christmas


FLEUR DE LYS – Wine lovers in this province will soon have a new bottle to try, made especially in Newfoundland from the sap of birch trees.

“We just started to look up all this information about it and so what we did, we ordered 300 taps from Ontario, and got a bunch of equipment come, barrels, lines and then we tapped 191 trees and we got 500 gallons of sap.”
The wine, called Lady of the Woods, has a “delicate fragrance of soft apple and pear; sits well in the mouth with pleasant acids balancing the evident fruit sugars; persistent flavours of ripe pear, mandarin orange and delicious apple blend harmoniously and without bitterness,” according to the label.

“Basically in nine months we went from nothing to possibly having it on the shelves before Christmas,” said Mr. Lewis, stressing the health benefits of birch sap.

“The Koreans have been drinking it for thousands of years. They have a birch sap festival over there every spring and Native Americans have been using maple and birch for hundreds of years, too. Right now, there is only five in the world that does the birch wine that we know of.

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I got this list from toyoufromfailinghands Hat/Tip. H/T

There is one glaring ommission to their epitaths I would like to see corrected here though and that is the usual Born 1964 Died ??. Not to dis the Blog owners because they do a wonderful job of covering events and promoting our troops in harms way, just a suggestion. Maybe even a link to A Martyr web page to promote the lest we forget moto of our fallen soldiers. A bit of a gesture to console the survivors if you will.

1. Private Nathan Smith, 3 PPCLI, April 17, 2002
2. Private Richard Green, 3 PPCLI, April 17, 2002
3. Corporal Ainsworth Dyer, 3 PPCLI, April 17, 2002
4. Sergeant Marc Leger, 3 PPCLI, April 17, 2002
5. Corporal Robbie Christopher Beerenfenger, 3 RCR, Oct. 2, 2003
6. Sergeant Robert Alan Short, 3 RCR, Oct. 2, 2003
7. Corporal Jamie Murphy, 1 RCR, Jan. 27, 2004
8. Private Braun Scott Woodfield, 2 RCR, Nov. 24, 2005
9. Corporal Paul Davis, 2 PPCLI, March 2, 2006
10. Master Corporal Timothy Wilson, 2 PPCLI, March 5, 2006
11. Private Robert Costall, 25, 1 PPCLI, March 28, 2006
12. Lieutenant William Turner, Land Force Western Area HQ, April 22, 2006
13. Corporal Randy Payne, CFB Wainwright MP Platoon, April 22, 2006
14. Bombardier Myles Mansell, 5th (BC) Field Artillery Regiment, April 22, 2006
15. Corporal Matthew Dinning, 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Headquarters, April 22, 2006
16. Captain Nichola Kathleen Sarah Goddard, 1st RCHA, May 17, 2006
17. Corporal Anthony Boneca, Lake Superior Scottish Regiment, July 9, 2006
18. Corporal Francisco Gomez, Lord Strathcona's Horse, July 23, 2006
19. Corporal Jason Patrick Warren, The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada, July 23, 2006
20. Major Paeta Derek Hess-von Kruedener, PPCLI serving with UNTSO, July 25, 2006
21. Corporal Christopher Jonathan Reid, 1 PPCLI, Aug 3, 2006
22. Corporal Bryce Jeffrey Keller, 1 PPCLI, Aug 3, 2006
23. Sergeant Vaughn Ingram, 1 PPCLI, Aug 3, 2006
24. Private Kevin Dallaire, 1 PPCLI, Aug 3, 2006
25. Master Corporal Raymond Arndt, The Loyal Edmonton Regiment, Aug 5, 2006
26. Master Corporal Jeffrey Scott Walsh, 2 PPCLI, Aug 9, 2006
27. Corporal Andrew James Eykelenboom, 1st Field Ambulance, Aug 11, 2006
28. Corporal David Braun, 2 PPCLI, Aug 22, 2006
29. Sergeant Shane Stachnik, 2 Combat Engineer Regiment, Sep 3, 2006
30. Warrant Officer Richard Francis Nolan, 1 RCR, Sep 3, 2006
31. Warrant Officer Frank Robert Mellish, 1 RCR, Sep 3, 2006
32. Private William Jonathan James Cushley, 1 RCR, Sep 3, 2006
33. Private Mark Anthony Graham, 1 RCR, Sep 4, 2006
34. Private David Byers, 2 PPCLI, Sep 18, 2006
35. Corporal Glen Arnold, 2 Field Ambulance, Sep 18, 2006
36. Corporal Shane Keating, 2 PPCLI, Sep 18, 2006
37. Corporal Keith Morley, 2 PPCLI, Sep 18, 2006
38. Private Josh Klukie, 1 RCR, Sep 29, 2006
39. Sergeant Craig Paul Gillam, Royal Canadian Dragoons, Oct 3, 2006
40. Corporal Robert Thomas James Mitchell, Royal Canadian Dragoons, Oct 3, 2006
41. Trooper Mark Andrew Wilson, Royal Canadian Dragoons, Oct 7, 2006
42. Sergeant Darcy Scott Tedford, 1 RCR, Oct 14, 2006
43. Private Blake Neil Williamson, 1 RCR, Oct 14, 2006
44. Corporal Albert Storm, 1RCR, Nov 27, 2006
45. Chief Warrant Officer Robert Girouard, 1RCR, Nov 27, 2006

Will NATO nations remove their caveates? What will be the death of this honorable mission? A thousand cuts/deaths? Will NATO nations follow through with their false promises? Will this be the undoing of NATO?

Just a thought on Suicide car born bombs. How about we set up weigh scales to help determine if a vehicle is overloaded with explosives?

Keeping in mind explosives don't weigh much, if you have access to high explosives but these guys are using UXO's and low grade explosives to my knowledge so it might be an option.

Here's some good news on that front. Lord knows we need it.

Penthouse letters: Blog-O-Sphere version

Little diversion. Things getting to hot and heavy on the political front. Then again this stuff is prettyhot and heavy on the Girl with a one track mind front.

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Good news round up

Rewards of entrepreneurship outweigh challenges says Osmond

The Gulf News

John Osmond says he’d do it all again when it comes to working with fish plants despite ongoing challenges and the uncertainty facing the fishing industry.

Mr. Osmond started his career in the fish processing world nearly 28 years ago when he was hired at Eric King Fisheries as a labourer. Now he owns Codroy Seafoods and employs nearly 50 people.

When he started with King’s Fishery, Mr. Osmond worked on the CN Marine boats and at the fish plant in Burnt Islands on his days off.
Feds commit to $4 million for sewage treatment plant, says Hickey

The Labradorian

The Federal Government of Canada has agreed to provide funding one-third of the $12 million needed to build a sewage treatment plant in Happy Valley-Goose Bay said John Hickey, Minister of Transportation and Works and Labrador Affairs. “We have been championing for this for a long time. The province has already committed to their third,” he told The Labradorian.

But Happy Valley-Goose Bay Town Mayor Leo Abbass isn’t making any concrete plans to move the project further ahead yet. “ By word of mouth we’ve heard that [federal government had committed to the funding], but there has been nothing in writing.

“Until the formal word that it’s-a-go, we couldn’t go out and try to secure a $4 million loan.”

Heightened security for port could bring prosperity

By Christopher Vaughan
The Georgian

The Port Harmon Authority will soon get a boost to its security system and hopefully to its business prospects, thanks to new funding from a Transport Canada.

The federal department is providing support to seven ports and marine facilities in Newfoundland and Labrador under the Marine Security Contribution Program, to aid in developing and enhancing aquatic security.

The province is set to receive more than $750,000 and Stephenville's Port Harmon Authority Ltd. has been allocated to receive up to $150,000 of those funds.

He notes since 9/11, all vessels traveling to the United States can only enter their ports if the previous ports they visited are part of the International Ship and Port Facility Security [ISPS] Code. This new funding will allow the Port Harmon Authority Ltd. to be a part of this extended network.

Bog farm agricultural grade peat stephenville area

LNG Grassy knoll Bonavista

Refinery study moves into second stage

Pension Income Splitting Available to the Province’s Seniors

Belleoram Crushed Rock Export Quarry Env Ass

Deer lake Nicholsville bridge to be replaced

Government is continuing to invest in our tourism sector and will continue to aggressively market Newfoundland and Labrador. We demonstrated this commitment during Budget 2005 and Budget 2006 when we increased the tourism marketing budget by $3 million bringing the total annual Marketing Budget to $10.0 million.

Used Tire Recycling Plan Moving Forward

Government Ensures Labrador Communities Can Access Supplies

Fibre Optic expansion, South shore to get high speed and prov to get second link redundancy.

Cooke Aquaculture to invest and set up large enterprise in NL

Red Tape reduction update

government has agreed to assist Brookfield Dairy Group to expand its premium ice-cream production operation. The expansion will see Brookfield using industrial milk from our province’s dairy farmers to produce high-quality specialty ice-creams.

Recoverable oil reserves upgraded

More land plot contracts granted for oil and gas exploration

Return of direct European flights compliments of the Humber Valley Resort chartered flights

Literacy partnership promotes literacy CUDO's to ROTARY'ians

Twenty years in the making By Greg Knott from the Coaster

Here is an interesting excerpt from this article. This is the kind of knowledge Cooke Aquaculture is bringing with them through the funding provided by OTT to the St Stephen Salmon interpretive centre and aquaculture funding in NB.


A few years ago, in New Brunswick, there was an outbreak of an infectious disease among its farmed fish population that landed a huge blow to that province’s aquaculture industry.

“What they learned from that experience is that there should be more site separation. Sites should be rotated and fallowed on a regular basis. So if you use it for a year then you fallow it and give it a break for a year.”

Another big piece in bio-security is having separate in-flow and an out-flow wharfs. Ms. Perry said it is important to have one wharf dedicated to everything going out to sea, including small baby fish and feed, and one wharf dedicated to everything coming in from the sea, such as mature fish.

She said in some communities wharfs are used extensively and some communities need more room to accommodate everyone.

“They’re being used for the traditional fishery, they’re being used for aquaculture, they’re being used for ferries, and they’re also being used by recreational boaters.

Friday, November 24, 2006


What came first the balloon to sell or the increase in balloon size?

Ottawa looking to sell Hibernia stake
All of the low hanging fruit have been picked seeing as these contracts were front end loaded to recoup investment first.

Husky Energy raises estimate of White Rose offshore oilfield
Husky suspects that they won't get a chance and the shares will go to their rightfull owner NL. By releasing the new finds now the province will look like they are getting a better deal and let hebron go ahead.

I'm also curious why the premier of NL didn't request a stipulation that any new discoveries with this new parcel allocation have a 5% equity stake or fallow field legislation as apart of any new exploration?

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Windmills aren't the answer from Energy probe

Windmills aren't the answer by Colby Cosh
It's official: The glorious future of abundant free energy has been put on hold. In May, the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) announced that the province's grid could not safely accommodate more than 900 megawatts of wind-power generation, a target that will be met late next year. Proposals for 3,000 more MW of production have been thrown into indefinite limbo at an estimated cost to producers of $6-billion; meanwhile, the province is already spending $1-billion to strengthen the transmission system so that even the 900-MW cap can be reached. In Ontario, meanwhile, the grid operator warned late last month that 5,000 MW – about one-fifth of the province's current peak consumption – is probably the absolute technological limit. (A total of 1,280 MW of wind capacity is already in operation or being built.)

I read this report last week and I must say I totally agree with this article by Energy probe after having read that report.

Well worth the read very informative and enlightening info in there about existing wind mill experiences and the possibility of future wind mill integration into the grid.

This report just highlights the need for a national power corridor so peak times can be better spread out across the country seeing as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West and the different parts of the country have different demands at different times. Also Solar and wind generation are tied to the time of day as is the demand so the better you can spread this generation across the country the better you will be able to meet the peaks. Because it isn't that we don't have enough generation but rather the peaks are the real conundrum and by having a national power corridor and allowing wheeling across provincial borders these peaks can be better handled with renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

This is a big boost for the go ahead of the Lower Churchill and the Height of lands wind project as well because the best partnering of wind energy is hydro due to the fast start up of hydro to pick up any decrease in wind output.

There are some concerns with this on off hydro concept though. Some studies have been done which show that by not having a consistant flow of water fish habitat and patterns can be adversely affected and regulations have be implemented to mitigate these. Personally I think a fish ladder would be a good mitigating strategy for these draw backs. In fact any and every hydro dam should have a fish ladder whether the fish were able to traverse the falls before or not. Obviously studies and impact evaluations would need to be done to understand the effects of allowing what might be foreign species to navigate what was previously a unnavigable falls by way of a fish ladder. I think the benefits would far out weigh the negative but people get paid to do these kinds of studies, hopefully they won't be bought off or have personal agendas and gain in mind.

I would also like to make a plug that all wind mills have their poles extend up past the turning radius of the blades so that birds of prey aren't tempted to fly through the blades to land on the generator capsule.

CBC article: Mapping race for ocean riches underway

Canada is trying to chart new territory off the East Coast and in the Arctic to claim the resources below, but the right to stake that claim has turned into a race against the clock.

The Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker Louis St. Laurent has spent four months in the Arctic laying plotting points on the outer edge of the continental shelf, an underwater mountainside that slopes as deep as 3,000 metres under the sea and ice.

"Once the edge is defined and that data is submitted to the United Nations, once that's approved, then that's Canada's territory," said Capt. Andrew MacNeil.

Dick MacDougall, with the Hydrographic Service of Canada, the agency that makes ocean maps, says the area in the East Coast is a million square kilometres, while the area in the Arctic is about 750,000 square kilometres.

"It's roughly the size of the three prairie provinces, to which Canada would have the rights to the sea bed, the resources on the sea bed and the resources below the sea bed," said MacDougall.

Don't confuse this with custodial management or ownership of the fish in the seas above our continental shelf. This is just for the sedentary species like clams and the oil and gas below our continental shelf.

The Terrorist fishing activities being conducted by foreign nations with OTTawa's approval at worse and capitulation at best will continue unabated as long as it is in the best interest of the MAJOPRITY of canadians ON/QC even though it is killing the province which depends upon that resource for a living.

But then again we will never be able to lay claim to the continental shelf unless we can delineate it. So I guess it is a step in the right direction even if it is a two step.
July 12, 2006

A St.John's company has won a $2 million contract to help provide ocean data to the federal government as part of Canada's efforts to define its jurisdictional boundaries offshore. Fugro GeoSurveys plans to do survey work on the Continental Slope off the Grand Banks and in the South Labrador Sea.

Canada ratifies United Nations Law of the Sea

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loyola-hearns-propaganda-machine: by Patriot from Free Newfoundland Labrador




Here is a comment I posted over on

"You can't blame Loyola unless you blame him for being a weak kneed patsy any more than you can blame Efford or all of the other puppets we have sent to OTT.

They are apart of a party and they have to put forth a united front. People call it toeing the party line. Who draws the party line the majority and who are the majority ONtario with 106 MP's out of 308.

So any party stance concerning issues has to be for the benefit of the majority of canadians by default ON/QC with 181 seats out of 308.

Then there is the benefits canada gets from allowing the terorism to continue on the Nose Tail and Flemish cap unabated. Remember the Turbot war shot across the bow blah blah. As soon as Spain threatened to cancel all past present and future Bombardier contracts the whole thing went away because OTT has to do what is in the best interst of the MAJORITY of canadians even if that means a death blow to the province which has traditionally depended upon the Grand Bankruptcy for a livilyhood.

40% of our continental shelf lies outside the arbitrary 200 mile limit.

60% of the worlds bottom dragging takes place on the 40% of our continental shelf which lies outside the arbitrary 200 mile limit of our continental shelf.

canada doesn't do any bottom dragging on the high seas NT&FC and has the autonomous right to do what it wants inside the arbitrary 200 mile limit.

Show your support for a moratorium of Bottom Dragging terrorism of the deep by sending in a photo to this site and make your voices heard by emailing phonig writing shouting from the roof tops shame these scoundrels into looking out for the regional interests

the parties making these bad decisions have other agendas than protecting the biodiversity of the enviroment. The bottom dollar!

Actually patriot I won't be voting for any of the parties because I'm not insane. I refuse to keep to the same thing over and over and expect a different result. canada's political, legal and buracratic system is systemically flawed and won't change by supporting it.

When the only equality the porovinces have with ON/QC is to get out then you know there is something wrong with your country.

OTT shouldn't have any say in the running of the provinces resources. OTT has to do what is in the best interst of the MAJORITY of canadians and that means protecting ON/QC interests even if the province that depends on that resource suffers."

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Sentinel fishery sentenced to death

DFO still in the dark following court decision

Future of ‘sentinel’ fisheries in question as result of judge’s ruling

The Packet

A decision by the Federal Court of Appeal in June could impact future research on crab and northern cod stocks.

On June 23 the court ruled the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans does not have the power to finance scientific research activities of the department by selling fishery resources that it manages.

The case was in relation to crab surveys, whereby fishers are given licences to fish for crab for scientific purposes and the minister permits the sale from the catches to be used to finance the survey.

In his decision Justice de Montigny noted the case did not challenge the scope of the minister’s discretionary power in matters of issuing fishing licences.

"Nor is anyone challenging that the licence at issue had been delivered for the purposes authorized by the Fisheries Act and by the Fishery (General) Regulations to the extent that the issuance of the licence for scientific purposes was "in keeping with the proper management and control of fisheries" as per section 532 of the Regulations."

The problem, in the judge’s opinion, was a money issue.

Not much odds by the sounds of it. The 3000 lbs inshore fishers were alloted this year wasn't enough for them to go out and catch and alot of the fishers did exactly that.

What I don't understand is how the funding works? Do the fishermen who participate in the sentinel fishery have to turn over their profits from their catch to DFO for the cost of the study?

Simms agrees, noting the federal government is currently in the process of calculating budget estimates. Now is the time to ensue there is money to continue the crab surveys, he says.

"Instead of playing the blame game right now, let’s look at the fact we’ve lost $50 million, and let’s try to recoup that."

I guess we'll have to get our sentinel science from the foreigners who continue unabated on the 40% of our continental shelf Grand Banksruptcy outside teh 200 mile limit. The ones carrying a green diplomatic passport and are immune to prosecution for their terrorist activities against the people of NL and the environment, all in the name of profit.

Discrimination against Newfoundlanders by Averill Baker

Foreign fishermen have it made around here. It’s enough to rot your socks.

If you’re from Japan, Bulgaria, Cuba, Denmark, Greenland, France, Iceland, Korea, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, United States, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Spain or Germany you’ve got it made.

Each fisherman from each of those nations cannot be prosecuted under any law while catching Newfoundland fish – a kind of diplomatic immunity. They have immunity from prosecution for violating fishing laws that we have to abide by in Canada.

These foreigners fish the exact same species, in the exact same fishing zones, under the exact same quotas as Newfoundlanders – yet the foreigners are immune from prosecution when they break the law.

I’m not talking about the fact that all of these foreigners can catch any fish in the ocean as an allowable bycatch, even cod, and never get charged, while a Newfoundlander is a criminal if he or she has a cod in the boat. I am not talking about that outrageous inequality. I am talking about the foreign fishermen who fish on those 50 to 100 foreign factory ships that are dragging on the Newfoundland continental shelf every minute of every day of the year and can never be charged with breaking the law.

Save a copy because it only gets archived for a couple of weeks.

Commons approves motion for state funeral

All federal parties offered their unanimous support Tuesday in favour of a motion seeking a full state funeral for all Canadians who served during the First World War when the final veteran passes away.

The House of Commons voted unanimously in favor of an NDP motion asking the government to sponsor the state funeral.

Only three surviving First World War veterans - Percy Wilson, 105, and Lloyd Clemett and John Babcock, both 106 - are still alive.

NDP Leader Jack Layton said the government should recognize that a state funeral would celebrate "the contribution of a whole generation of Canadians who served, whether overseas or here at home and their families as well."

Along the same lines Brian from did a link to this story in the
Nunatsiaq News Taissumani: A Day in Arctic History
November 20, 1917 – In Memory of John Shiwak, Inuit Sniper

Sign the petition.

Enough of being Beggars in our own Land by Lloyd C

Every day I live convinces me more that if we are to survive as a people in
this land, we must cast off the bonds of confederation, at least insofar as
it denies us equal membership and participation in the Canadian federation..
Enough of being the "xxxxx xxxxx" in this Dominion; enough of being
beggars in our own land.

Lloyd C.


Monday, November 20, 2006


Poorly managed constitutional cattle boats

Interesting OP-ED from the Telegram not much substance just pointing out the failings of canada with regard to it's constitutional committments to this province.
them poorly managed constitutional cattle boats,"

It appears to be an interview with the former minister of tourism "I'm speaking as private citizen," Chuck Furey said.

Marine Atlantic report.
Senator Bakers question on NL's presence on Marine Atlantic's Board of directors.

Alot of what Mr Furey references appears to have come from a report done back in 1999 called "On Deck and Below".

Terms of union.

My question is what costs more to build and maintain a four lane divided highway which canadian citizens can travel on for free or a couple of boats to get people across the gulf which they have to pay 200 plus dollars per person and vehicle and unknown other costs due to the increases in goods and services due to the toll paid for using the Toll canada highway called marine atlantic for the residents of NL.

Like the PEI confabrication bridge there is no such thing as one way traffic to the island hence PEI only charges to leave the island at something like 45$ all inclusive no matter how many people you have in your vehicle. Unlike canada's Marine Atlantic toll ferry which nickles and dimes canada's non residents in NL with fees for the driver on top of the vehicle and fees for each and every passenger.

I would guess that building maintaining and operating a ferry system is cheaper than an equivalant 4 lane highway system.

Then there is the fixed link option by way of uniting Newfoundland and Labrador including Northern Quebec and accessing the untapped opportunities by way of this route. Driving the final spike in uniting our country if you will.

Edited to remove reference to being charge GST on passage. GST is only charged on accomodation.
As if being marginalized, no equality other than the option to get out, lumped in with the maritimes and raped by quebec wasn't enough.

Why is the driver of a vehicle charger passenger fees? Is there an option to just put your vehicle on the ferry? Nope didn't think so there should be no charge for the driver of a vehicle it is a mute point and just a cash grab unless of course Marine Atlantic is willing to supply drivers for the transport of vehicles alone.

Either that or provide car carrying tractor trailers to increase capacity at a cut rate for the inconvienience.

The terms of union are all but useless now seeing as OTT ON/QC has eliminated the Rail Road due to mismanagement, destroyed the fishery to appease foreign interests and protect the majority of canadians ON/QC by default to the detriment of the residents of NL who depended on the resource, Downloading operation fees for the Gander Airport while keeping the lucritive fly over fees amounting to millions if not billions of dollars for the OTT coffers, and the fiasco and raw deal NL was coherced (Conflict of interest) into signing due to OTTawa's capitulance to quebec when it came to wheeling power across canada, just to name a few of the travesties OTT has perpetrated against the Non canadians who live in NL.

Then there is the lack of military presence in NL after canada forced the Americans out after WWII. Unlike PEI which was given funding and tax breaks to develop a IT and aerospace industry in PEI after the base there was closed.

NL was given nothing even the enviromental damage was caused by the Americans was forgiven by OTT to NL's detriment as can be seen with INCO's refusal to build in Argentia unless indemnity was granted which OTT refused to do.

I ♥ NL!

You can check out how to use these cool characters at

In case you didn't know this is a knock off of the very very successful pride building and promotional campaign New York did a while back.

Under the radar funding for NS&Cape Breton electronic health care record initiative

Nova Scotia bringing in web-based electronic patient record system
Published: Monday, November 20, 2006 | 12:08 PM ET
Canadian Press

HALIFAX (CP) - Nova Scotia has brought in a new electronic patient record system designed to reduce wait times and improve access to care.

The new primary health-care information system was introduced today by Health Minister Chris d'Entremont. He says the system will improve the way patient information is stored, used, and disclosed by health-care providers.

The web-based system will allow doctors to easily check a patient's medical history.

The system has received $4 million in funding from Health Canada.

Forgive me if I'm mistaken but I don't recall NL getting any federal funding for it's electronic medical records initiative?

This is the only reference to funding that I was able to find and I am unsure if Infoway is a federal funding agency or not.

About Canada Health Infoway
Canada Health Infoway Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit organization that invests with public sector partners across Canada to implement and reuse compatible health information systems that support a safer, more efficient health care system. These systems provide healthcare professionals with rapid access to complete and accurate patient information, enabling better decisions about treatment and diagnosis. The result is a sustainable, more cost-efficient healthcare system offering improved patient safety and better quality of care. As of November 30, 2005, Infoway had approved $427 million for 141 projects in every Canadian province and territory. In addition, 59 national projects are also underway.

Some of the liks I've researhed looking to see if NL has benefited from federal funding in their electronic health record initiatives.
Reporting to the People of Newfoundland and Labrador:
First Minister’s Accord 2004
Implementation Report December 2005

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Another Force Majeur for INCO

Do ya think the federallies will loosen the immigration rules to allow for such a project to move ahead in NL? Like they just did for Alberta and Peace country as well as British Colombia and Vancouver Island.

Who knows maybe the Portnoys may get canadian citizenship in NL after all.

U.S. general says winter offensive planned against Taliban in Afghanistan

Why you need tanks and acurate artillery. Afghan houses aren't what you and I know they are mud, brick or stone walls one foot thick. Normal weapons small arms fire is useless so are grenades and M72's for the most part. every house mud hut or feed storage building is equivalant to a pill box designed with military specs in mind for defence. Most even have slots as firing ports not unlike the castles from the 14 century castles of Europe. It would be ludicrious to expect our sons and daughters to attack such fortifications withour heavy weapon support. The one common weak point these fortified houses would seem to have i their roofs which is why artillery is so important as is air delivered weapons systems. Mortars could be an option but their accuracy and speed at which they can be brought to bear may be probititive?
Now were talking. Us the weather to our advantage. We know how to operate in cold climate and the Taliban don't. They don't have the support infrastructure or material means to fight duting the winter we do.

Same could be said for night fighting. The night is our friend IMO it is an equalizer for not knowing the terrain. We have night vision infrared both on the ground and in the air.

Here is a prime example of our superiority at night.

fighting in Afghanistan is costing Canadian taxpayers more than expected -- a lot more.Papers obtained under Access to Information laws shows the cost overrun at close to 500 million dollars. An estimate last March put the cost of the mission at 1.7 billion dollars, but a new updated estimate October 1st puts the figure at 2.5 billion.

You can't put your young men and women in harms way and worry about cost. If so pull them out if thats what the lives of our young men and women come down to is what I say. Put up or shut up, your not in the line of fire.

UPDATE: Any night ops should be done in conjunction with a curfew. Anyone moving at night is an automatic suspect and would be suspect to halt, arrest and interogation.
This wouldn't really a PRT initiative but rather an attempt to curb the movement of the taliban and setting of road side bombs.

214,900 people were employed this year in NewfoundlandLabrador

Story from
V ictimhood
O utmigration
C an't Do it
M entality

Employment Up in NL
November 19, 2006

Despite large numbers of people leaving the province, Finance Minister Loyola Sullivan says employmen is the highest it has ever been. Sullivan says 214,900 people were employed this year. He says that is the most in the province's history.

Stay the course.
No more giveaways.
Take back what OTTawa has already taken from us.

Portnoys chances improve to immigrate to Alberta or BC

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Artic Sovereignty vs North Korean embargo hmm

Why would we canada support the US in their blockade of North Korea when the US won't even respect our sovereignty in the north?

Then there is always the lack of sovereignty of our continental shelf, the 40% which lies outside the arbitrary 200 mile line.

The shaded areas are prime oil and gas exploration sites.

This is probably the real underlying reason. Oil and Gas potential not shipping.

30 million in scratch to protect the salmon

The gift that keeps on giving Endowement fund/sea lice parasites from salmon farms.
I wonder would a rehabilitation project to build a fish ladder from Deer Lake up to Main Dam Qualify or has that damage been done so long ago that it is long forgotten.

"I hope that we can learn from the wipe out of a complete salmon run in 1924, when a dam was built on Junction Brook, a major tributary of the Humber River, the elimination of another run on Rattling Brook, a major tributary of the Exploits River in 1958, and the annihilation of trophy trout populations when the Star Lake Hydro Dam was constructed just a few short years ago,"

It seems to me that this endowment fund is going to be used to clean up the mess aquaculture has made of the Bay of fundy?

Bottom Dragging parody in the guise of South Park


Please email/phone someone anyone to tell canada and the world to support a call for a moratorium on Bottom Dragging.

Here are some more good Ecards. I like the Pulp Fishin one.

Out-migration is a symptom of something deeper.

This is an article in this weeks independant. Not sure if it is an editorial or a OP-ED piece either way he hits on some good points and highlights why some of the disenting voices should look within themselves before speaking out.
Harry Tucker of Bell Island
returned to Newfoundland
four years ago from New
York, where he provided
strategic and tactical IT
guidance to the largest firms
on Wall Street. Tucker, 41,
moved to the St. John’s
area to try and turn things around; he had
visions of making a difference “on a larger
scale.” Today, he and his family are preparing
to move back to the States. Tucker says he
couldn’t overcome the “victim mentality,” the
“can’t-do” attitude. “I don’t want my kids growing
up in a place that believes it is defeated.” Tucker
says he will return to visit, but not to live. “I
wouldn’t even retire here.”

By Harry Tucker
The media is abuzz these days
over allegations of conflict of
interest regarding the government
intention to invest in a new
fibre-optic link with the mainland.
Before the fuss over this development,
we were bombarded by the supposed
disaster brought on by outmigration.
As we continue to lament
about how opportunity continues to
pass by the province for greener pastures
elsewhere, how can we be sure
that we are not manifesting that which
we so vehemently complain about?
It seems that people often complain
about lack of opportunity here. When
opportunity is presented, the same
people complain that they don’t like it
for one reason or another. They never
offer suggestions to make an opportunity
better — they passionately want
the current opportunity to be killed.
If the opportunity is killed, this allows
them to revert back to their original
complaint that nothing good happens
here. This is victim mentality, plain
and simple.
If I were an investor viewing
Newfoundland from abroad, I would
see the province as a place where
opportunity is not embraced — conflict
is the preferred model. If many
people here focus on the downside of
every opportunity and fight it as
strongly as we appear to be fighting
each one, how do we set ourselves up
as a shining light for investors to think
about investing here? I posit that we
are creating our own reality and, in
fact, have mastered the ability to do
People refer to out-migration as a
big evil demon that needs to be
stopped. Out-migration is a symptom
of another problem. That problem is lack of
opportunity for people, young and old, to follow
their ambitions from the perspective of their
careers, their families and their long-term interests.
Lack of opportunity is not the only reason,
however. If you have a friend who constantly
complains and laments about how sad their life is,
you tend to want to spend less time with them as
they drain the energy out of you.
On a larger scale, if you are a forward-thinking
individual who wants to cultivate opportunities
wherever possible and you are surrounded by
people who prefer to stay mired in negativity, you
choose to disassociate yourself from those people,
even if it means you need to leave your province.
This represents a symptom of an even larger
problem. That problem is the reluctance of many
people to embrace an outlook of abundance and
prosperity. When a new idea comes to light, I
rarely hear people say, “Let’s get it done,” or “It’s
not bad, but we can improve it by doing this.”
I do not see collective intelligence strive to
make the idea the best one possible nor do I see
energy invested in making the idea stronger. I see
people invest their energy into shooting the idea
down, with the amazing knack of manifesting an
infinite number of ideas as to why something
should be stopped instead of why the idea must be
allowed to grow. Imagine the opportunities that
would exist if we could put the same energy into
supporting, incubating and improving proposals
as we do in promoting the death of ideas.
Now people are criticizing Premier Danny
Williams’ contacts as far as the fibre-optic opportunity
is concerned. Like it or not, in the real
world of business, you are only as powerful and
capable as the network you are a member of.
This is a fact of business life and it is how business
gets done. If I were investing the province’s
money into such a project, I would rather do it
with people that I know and have confidence in
rather than invest money in a complete stranger.
The Sprung greenhouse comes to mind.
I would suggest to people who excel at generating
idea killers (private citizens, government
representatives, etc.) to hold their tongue and follow
the golden rule of “don’t criticize an idea
unless you have a way of making that idea better.”
It is easy to be critical of anything. It is much
more difficult, albeit much more productive, to be
critical of an idea because you see a shortcoming
that needs to be shored up in order to help the idea
be even more assured of success.
I returned home four years ago from New
York to contribute to the local economy. In several
weeks, I will have returned to New York for
good. Why are we (and many people I associate
with) leaving? We are leaving because we feel
that many in this province do not want success
and this is contrary to our outlook that opportunity
for success exists everywhere.
I would suggest that we keep the law of attraction
in mind. We do indeed receive what we
focus on the most. This is not a mystical law
steeped in silly, ancient lore. When we promote an
atmosphere of positive-idea generation, strong
investment opportunity, forward thinkers and
excellent business opportunity, we will attract
others with ideas and money who want a piece of
that action. This causes the opportunities to
expand and multiply, creating wealth and opportunities
in turn. The process feeds on itself and
grows faster than anyone can keep up with it.
If we choose to be a culture that complains
about everything, criticizes everything that happens
and looks for the stake-in-the-heart that will
kill every idea, then the message we send out is
“stay away, your ideas, investment capital and
energy are not welcome here.” We then architect
the very thing we spend so much time complaining
So the next time a new idea is presented to the
public, think about this. Our actions and our
words will either contribute to the success or the
failure of that idea. Your actions and response to
that idea will produce a result, good or bad.
Which result do you want to be responsible for?
It is easy to be responsible for failure. Being
responsible for success is much more difficult, but
the rewards are much greater.
Harry Tucker (A New Yorker in a
Newfoundlander’s body), Topsail (soon to be
New York, again; this time by choice)

While I can empathize with Mr Tucker about alot of our internal politics. I feel there are serious deficiencies and draw backs keeping NL down by being apart of canada the way it presently exists and treats NL.

As an aside read the entire commentary by Mr Harper which commonly gets quoted as "Culture of defeat"

Friday, November 17, 2006


The Next Big thing

I've become pretty disillusioned with the reality shows out there but this one seems destined for big things pun intended.

The Who, What, Where, When, Why of Al-Quida

Five Years after 9/11, Al-Qaeda Remains the Vanguard of the Jihadist Movement
By Rita Katz and Josh Devon

October 6, 2006

After five years of being subjected to the “global war on terror,” Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and the rest of the al-Qaeda leadership still have much to celebrate. While al-Qaeda has suffered greatly since 9/11, with its training camps in Afghanistan destroyed and a significant number of operatives killed or captured, the terrorist organization has nevertheless received new pledges of allegiance from prominent jihadist groups. Within the past two months, though largely ignored by the media, both the Algerian Salafist Group for Call and Combat (GSPC) and a faction of the Egyptian Islamic Group (EIG) officially joined al-Qaeda. Likewise, other recent claims of terrorist attacks in the Sudan and Palestine have come from groups calling themselves Al-Qaeda. To the jihadists, al-Qaeda’s brand name continues to carry much clout, indicating that despite the setbacks al-Qaeda has faced, the group and its leadership remain the vanguard of the global jihadist movement.

Al-Qaeda has always served as an umbrella group for transnational jihadists, as demonstrated in the group’s 1998 fatwa declaring war on the West under the banner, “The World Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders.” In its capacity as an umbrella group, al-Qaeda offered ideology, funding, and training to affiliate groups but did not outright control them. However, since Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi’s Tawhid wal Jihad group joined al-Qaeda in October 2004, jihadist groups have begun to ally themselves officially with the group, offering their allegiance and services directly to al-Qaeda. These groups have begun to recognize the danger of the strategic alliances the West has attempted to forge since beginning the war on terror. Therefore, at a time when adopting the name “al-Qaeda” brings the wrath of counter-terrorism forces across the world, jihadist groups have willingly subsumed themselves under the banner of al-Qaeda to create a united front to face the West’s own coalition.

Indeed, Abu Musab Abdul Wadud, the leader of the GSPC, noted the threat of a united West in a September 2006 message published on jihadist messageboards announcing the group’s allegiance to al-Qaeda: “At this difficult time, where the forces of tyrants have united against the stolen Ummah [nation] of Islam during these dark days, the Zionist-Crusader collation and its apostate slaves announced their comprehensive war on Islam and its people. They lined up in one line, united their flags, forgot their controversies, and proceeded to chase the bases and the principles of Islam trying to destroy it, one after the other.” Recognizing that “the Islamic Ummah will never be able to defeat its enemies” without uniting, Abdul Wadud believes that “the organization of al-Qaeda of Jihad is the only organization qualified to gather together the mujahideen, and to represent the Islamic Ummah and speak on its behalf.”

Furthermore, in August 2006, Muhammad Khalil al-Hukaymah, a leader of the Egyptian Islamic Group also known as Abu Jihad al-Masri, appeared in an interview with As-Sahab, al-Qaeda’s media arm, declaring his allegiance to al-Qaeda. Al-Masri affirmed that a significant portion of the EIG’s members “resolved to unite with the group Qaeda al-Jihad in its capacity as one of the most important vanguards of Jihad against the enemies of Islam in this era.” Al-Masri appealed to others to follow his example of uniting under al-Qaeda, stating, “I invite all leaders and members of the Islamic movements in the Islamic world to unite and come together under one banner to confront the Zionist-Crusader assault on Islam and Muslims.” Thus, despite all the efforts of the West to denigrate, discredit, and destroy al-Qaeda, the group continues to be, as Al-Masri noted in a communiqué, “the symbol of the Ummah’s Jihad.”

Even al-Qaeda in Iraq, now operating under the umbrella group the Mujahideen Shura Council, recently reaffirmed the pledge Zarqawi made to bin Laden. In September 2006, Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, Zarqawi’s successor, publicly offered to do the bidding of the al-Qaeda leadership in his first audio message, reiterating, “My last message is to our leader Mullah Omar and our Emir Osama [bin Laden] and our Sheikh [Dr. Ayman] al-Zawahiri. I say, we continue with our pledge to you. We continue with the path of jihad. We are part of do with us as you wish, and all you will find is an obedient solider.”

The fact that jihadist groups like the GSPC and the EIG are officially joining al-Qaeda is a worrisome trend. The unification of jihadist groups under al-Qaeda’s banner demonstrates that bin Laden’s organization is gaining in reputation, rather than being weakened by the global war on terror. While President Bush and American diplomats have traveled the world and spent countless dollars attracting allies, the al-Qaeda leadership, hidden amongst the mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan with limited resources, has also gained its own strategic partnerships. Traditionally, while the various jihadist groups under al-Qaeda’s umbrella had similar goals and ideologies, factionalism remained, which weakened the jihadist movement. As these groups increasingly merge their goals and mujahideen with al-Qaeda, the al-Qaeda leadership will be able to focus and direct a larger group of unified jihadists against the West.

I guess Osama must believe in the moto no such thinbg as bad publicity.

It's kinda like kids There's no such thing as bad attention. If your getting none you do whatever is necessary to get it. And some parents wonder why their kids are bad? Maybe they ae calling out for some attention even bad attention is better than none right. At least the one not getting any would think so unconsciously if not consciously.

This SITE (Search for International Terrorists Entities) has A wealth of insightfull and objective info on Al-Queda, Taliban and such.

Aurora Borealis screen saver: hopefully live.

I would really like to set this up as a screen saver or background but I have been unable to find the link or the site.

Any ideas?

Lucky devil driving that truck. Brrr LOL.

Along the same lines.
Is it global warming or just a natural phenomenom? You be the judge.
Personally I don't think it could hurt to assume it is global warming and try and combat ourselves. It really is the only thing we as miniscule pecks and futile little beings can do. Exception being kill ourselves.

I'll say it again what manking needs is an alien invasion to wake us up to our similarities and combined future on this lonely planet.

Don't believe me take a look for yourself.

For that matter just go outside and look up in the timeless words of Mr Dress-up Look up Way up and I'll call Rusty and something about that pesky Finigan LOL. Ahh simpler times n'est pas?

Best thing I ever did was cancel Cable Digita lcable and get rid of my satelitte Well soon any one want to buy a star choice satellite? Couldn't et NTV anyway I guerss you can now but it's gonna cast you like everything else these days.

I read an article in the Indy last week called Simpler Times It was about moose hunting or just getting back to nature being cheap relatively Iguess since they all had ATV's and lived so far in the woods they had to come out to see the trees. :) yep simpler times alright right of passage into mankood which every boy should get to experience. On this fronnt even Bin Laden has an inlklink of thruith to his teachings. Live of the land so when the bomb fdrops we will be the only ones left who know how to survive. Yepo if only his intentions with this methoidology were good. Ohh well satelite can be blamed for that now the whole world thinks we live in hollywood No Holy Rood doesn't count but would look nivce on the hill side in Holly rood :) If i was only younfger and lived nesar there my mischievious little devil on my shoulder would have been screaming in my ear whether or not I was drunk enough to listen to him is another question only the moment would decide or how bewautiful the girl to be impressed .Girls like bad boys at least some and probably more than less.

I f NL'ians had more tractors and less ATV's we might get further ahead.

Cabin time share start an agency to compile a list of cabins for rent when whee how much etc. amenities so anyone with real estate experience something like this would be right up their alley.

Now dealing with the NL psyckie and getting the word out that would require some vocm advertising and tesimonials far and wide to attract tourists and get the world exposure and hence business. Proably need insurane as well cover your and the cabin owners ass.

Lord knows we have enough cabins. May as well make some money with them when they aren't being used which is alot with our older population and transient population bunch of gypsies with no place to call home well at least we have that for now the next generation won't even have that.

Time is running out and your to afraid to speak out because your indebted to the system and establishment.

It's time to shake of the bonds of colonialism and do it ourselves sink or swim either way that water is going to be cold when you first jump in.

I'm a kinda jump right into that cold water kind of guy I could never just wade in I always had to jump.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Enviromentally friendly deadly weapons; No joke.

Watch out, Sarge! It's environmentally friendly fire

BAE SYSTEMS, one of the world’s biggest arms manufacturers, is designing a new generation of “green” munitions, including “lead-free” bullets and rockets with reduced toxins.

It also wants to cut the dangerous compounds in its jets, fighting vehicles and artillery, which it warns “can harm the environment and pose a risk to people”.

The initiative is being backed by the Ministry of Defence, which has proposed quieter warheads to reduce noise pollution and grenades that produce less smoke. There have even been experiments to see if explosives can be turned into manure.

Dr Debbie Allen, director of corporate social responsibility at BAE systems, said that although it might seem strange to have a green policy for munitions, it was important to consider the environmental impact of all products.

“Weapons are going to be used and when they are, we try to make them as safe for the user as possible, to limit the collateral damage and to impact as little as possible on the environment,”

Rest of the article,,2087-2361516,00.html

Yep Hydrogen bombs versus nuclear bomsb just kill the people leave the infrastructure. Thats what the serbs did in vukovar went around and fired a tank round into every single house so the roof clay shingles and windows were all blown out. Whether the people werein there or not I couldn't tell you but according to some reports yes they were as this was all done under the cover of night . Lord knoews there was always enough artillery goig of at night even though we were in a peace keeping zone. Artilley has a range of ? 30 50 -100-150 05 1000 depending on the rig etc. Ahh but they a;lll pointed back towards serbia during the day.

Any way I think thius does have some merrit. UXO's are a real problem thats what the dissidents liek me use Taliban alquada car bombs suicide bombers.

Explo is fertilizer in one form and it only makes sence that it be designed to be biodegradsabel;.

As for jet fuel it should be eco friendly that is fumes your emmitting into the stratosphere no a chance in hell it is going to settle back to earth any time soon and trees can't scrub the co 2 either . There is a new fencing break throiugh that will filter autobahns smog. You'll have to look yourself I couldn't be biothered to lok it up right now.

No surprise here

A group of Canadian veterans is calling on the government to create an ombudsman for veterans affairs, saying it's not fair that Ottawa gives much lower benefits to military personnel than it does to public servants.

"We wonder about the families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan who receive a lump sum of $250,000 plus two years of a very modest salary, while a director in the federal civil service who fatally slips on a bar of soap in the bathtub will receive more than $650,000, or a deputy minister fatally falling down the stairs to his basement would receive $1.25 million," Sean Bruyea, a retired captain and spokesman for the group, said Wednesday.

It is for things like this and a multitude of others that I advocate unionizing the military.

NewfoundlandLabrador chance to flex more mussel

Ahh but there is the problem of the supposed canadian sea food boycott by the ARA's. What company in their right mind is going to want to invest in a sea food enterprise in NL when there is a world wide effort to boycott NL/canadian sea food industry?

There is also the problem of no access to the south shore by a road net work. Even if the Connaigre peninsula were connected by a road to the Burin peninsula it would alleviate some of the impediments to expanding the mussel industry along the south shore. The South shore could also be linked up from the west with a road from burgeo to Port Aux Basques leaving only the section from Burgeo to the Connaigre peninsula to be linked up.

The report also expresses concerns about not targeting valued added markets with our mussels. By targeting the fresh mussel markets in the US market which we have a competitive advantge by proximity.

A regular Hurc flight to New York or Boston is what is needed to access these value added markets of 300 million consumers.

Here is the reports on water quality on the south shore which makes it such an ideal location for an expanded mussel farming industry.

H/T The Independant

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


canada wins award

Fossil of the day award that is. Not once but twice.

Now we are airing our dirty laundry on the world stage.

The first thing you learn in leadership training to to take ownership of the task. You never blame someone else for something you are in charge of or was delegated to you. If you had a problem with the task you should have broached that when you were assigned the task.

I guess Harper and Rona must have missed that class.

Can't wait for the first cabinet shuffle. Some heads are gonna roll. Some predictions Rona, McKay, Day. In fact I think it would be easier to list those who I suspect will stay than those who are going to be cut.

canada wins "Top fossil" of the year.

Dalton Mc Gimme and ON never quit asking for hand outs.

First his province like every other province is given the gas tax revenue to help the municipalities, then they are given 80,000,000.000 million to improve the security of their transit now ON is asking for a 1% cut of taxes. Even though ON has the highest tax point capability to raise funds which I might add doesn't get clawed back unlike what happens to the colonies Non-Renewables and which is being bandied around to be included in equalization formula.

I thought the gas tax was designed just for things like this extra 80 million the federallies just gave to the cities. I guess Harper is determined to get his majority and it is the cities ON/QC that will get it for him. So much for rural canada who elected him this time around. He'll throw those few serfs a few promises and some chump change just before the election to shut them up.

Miller wants 1 cent from either the provincial sales tax or federal GST generated in Toronto, which is worth about $450 million a year. He wants to use the money to build rapid transit lines, help the homeless and deal with potential recessions.

The province has already taken steps to improve the city's bottom line by giving it $160 million in gas-tax revenue, uploading some public health and ambulance costs, and giving Toronto the power to raise additional revenues by taxing such things as cigarettes and alcohol, the premier said.

My god what happened to buiolding a country? It seems we are stuck with what we have and all canadians can see is improving, renovating or building new infrastructure in urban canada while NL has thrid world ferries highest dept per capita of the whole country and no roads in Labrador, no fixed link, no east west power corridor, no hard top on the parts of the TLH which are completed in dirt, no operationally manned military bases and on and on.

Where have all of the visionairies and nation builders gone? I guess the yare all living in urban canada at least all of the votes are in urban canada and thats what counts when it comes to getting re-elected.

In the words of Joey Smallwood
What is the first priority of a poll itician?
To get elected.

What is the second priority of a Poll itician?
Get re-elected.

I actually heard the mayor of TO on the radio today and he was getting on with TO should become it's own province or something along those lines.

Great idea ON is to big for the good of the country anyway. Split her up into 30 provinces each with 10 seats in HOC. Makes more sense than what some of those upalongs get on with in combining the maritimes into one large province.

Lets see
Ontario, toronto, Ruperts land, Kewateen
Quebec, Lower north shore, Eastern townships and beauce, Ungava land

Sorry card sent to big phone companies Income trust fall out

It looks like has shown just how sorry they really are. By deregulating the Voice over internet Protocol VOIP the phone companies that were thinking about converting to income trusts have been thrown a I'm sorry bone.

Now the question is what bone will the oil and gas sector income trusts get thrown as a sorry card? Above and beyond the tax breaks and other incentives they already get.

Wait they already got their sorry card in the form of the clean air act. Business as usual.

Don't get me wrong I think the VOIP will benefit all consumers in the long run it is just the small telecom operators who will suffer and who don't have a loud enough voice or lobby group to get protected anymore.

Sex, drugs and singing must make you stupid

Nelly Furtada screams her brains out, literally.

One more stupid uninformed singer throws her uninformed support behind the seal hunt protest. It's gotta make you wonder if all of that screaming, sex drugs and rock and roll doesn't make you stupid and immoral seeing as she is also bisexual. Or is it just the publicity and fund raising they are after like the Animal Rights Activists.

Nelly Furtado has sensationally claimed America is in danger of becoming a fascist state.

The Canadian star claims she hated her time living in the US because of the country's right-wing policies.

Nelly told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "I didn't really like the American lifestyle.

It's leaning to the fascist side."

"Nelly Furtado has revealed she is attracted to women." Lesbian


Has Danny sold his and our sole?

By supporting the federallies stand on bottom dragging on the high seas and by extension the 40% of the Grand Banks which lies outside the 200 mile limit. Nose Tail and Flemish cap Rise and Slope of NL's continental shelf.

To my mind the only reason I can figure Danny would support such a stand against a moratorium on Bottom dragging on the high seas, NT&FC. Is if he is going to get something in return from the federallies.

This arguement that we are afraid we will look like harpocrites and will be forced to ban bottom dragging on the 60% of our continental shelf inside the 200 mile limit has no basis and should be disregarded in it's entirety. Where is our soverignty over our own territory?

Why do we need to give away one resource, our most valuable renewable one at that for another? The fact is they are both or all our own resources and we should be the soul owner operator of our own resources.

Ah but the reality according to the Supreme Court of canada 3ON/3QC is that they aren't our own resources though because they are on the Grand Banks which we brought with us into this federation and will take out if and at this rate when we leave this Imperialistic/federation of ON/QC.

The question is what did danny trade for supporting the federallies?
East West power corridor?
8.5% fed ownership in Hibernia?
Fallow Field legislation?
Loan guarantees for developiong the Lower Churchill?
Funding for the completion of the TLH and hard top?
A fixed link across the Straite Jacket of Belle Isle?
Recognition of Danny's list of issues affecting NL?
Operationally Manned military base?
Increase in Federal presence and quality of presence?
Reduced ferry rates (toll) and improved service?

Resources are supposed to be solely owned and operate by the provinces, and by Ottawa having control and ownership of our resources they have to act in the best interest of the (MAJORITY) of canadians ON/QC by default even if it is detrimental to the province which depends on those resources for it's livilyhood. Ottawa is in a conflict of interest by having ownership and control of our or any provinces resources.

Why does Gus etchegary need to throw a red herring into this debate by bringing up seismic blasting? By having to muddy the waters with this totally separate issue it just goes to show how feeble and misinformed his arguements really are.

This isn't a shell game pun intended, this is our Raison D'etre and shouldn't be trifled with.

I'm not really surprised three of the federal parties don't support the call for a moratorium on the high seas seeing as Bombardier has gotten so many foreign contracts recently. Just recall what Spain threatened to do if canada didn't drop the Estaie affair turbot war. Spain threatened to cancel all bombadier contracts if it didn't go away and it did go away. Because it was in the best interest of the majority of canadians and seats 106 ON/75 QC even though it was to the detriment of the province which relied on that resource NL.

You've been hood winked danny and it will be your undoing. Mark my words. Even if you get all of the above mentioned concessions it won't make up for not supporting a moratorium on bottom dragging on the high seas NT& FC.

Update: US creates fish habitat Refuges. No Fish Swins alone like man stands alone we need biodiversity.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Thank-you NDP in particular Peter Stoffer
The Veterans First Motion:

* Eliminates the “gold-digger” clause of the Canadian Forces Superannuation Act – now second spouses of Canadian Forces members and veterans have access to pension rights upon the death of the member or veteran.
* Extends the VIP (Veterans Independence Program) to all widows of all veterans, regardless of the time of death of the veteran and regardless of whether the veteran was in receipt of VIP services prior to his/her death.
* Increases the Survivor’s Pension Amount upon death of Canadian Forces retiree to 66% from the current amount of 50% so that it is in line with basic living expenses and the current cost of living.
* Eliminates the unfair reduction of SISIP (Service Income Security Insurance Plan) long term disability benefits from medically released members of the Canadian Forces so that veterans are fairly compensated for injuries suffered in the line of duty.
* Eliminates the deduction from annuity for retired and disabled Canadian Forces members – once again ensuring that veterans are fairly compensate for their injuries.

Veterans have already fought to protect this country – they shouldn’t have to fight again to receive a fair pension in order to live with dignity.

I realized after being released from the military due to health issues why SISIP is one of canada's top employers. Because they collect money from military members who pay into their insurance plan for years but upon being injured and medically released they seldom have to pay out any monies to these claimants. SISIP has a clause in their contract plan that they only have to top up any income a claimant to their insurance plan up to 75% I believe it is.
So if you get injured so bad that you get medically released from the military chances are you will get a VAC pension and depending upon your injury and severity you might even qualify for a CPP pension. Odds are SISIP walks away laughing all the way to the bank. In fact SISIP even makes a point of encouraging claimants to apply for CPP so they can reduce their pay out.
They also allocate 20,000$ for redeucation to be used in three years but if you are unable to, thats another bag of money SISIP gets to laugh all the way to the bank with all the while the poor veteran who served his country and defended the poorest of the poor in the world may very well be left living below the poverty line with poor health for his or her sacrifice.

Now those of you in good health might say well I would love to get 75% of my pay if I were to get injured but the fact of the matter is in order for you to get a 75% pension in one form or another you will have to have lost a significant portion of your health and ability to help yourself.

Then there is the Clawing back of you military pension from CPP. Which if I'm not mistaken doesn't happen until the SISIP time line is up. More money to laugh all the way to the bank with.

Live cod storage can improve quality and increase value added

A REPORT published by Fiskeriforskning shows that live storage of cod can improve profitability in the fishing industry and raise the quality of the products.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Where is the made in canada fisheries plan?

Tom Rideout told a Senate committee on fisheries today in St. John's that a ban would put tremendous pressure on Canada to impose a similar ban inside its territorial waters.

He says a ban would come at the detriment of many important fisheries in Newfoundland.

Rideout concedes there are legitimate concerns about bottom trawling but supports finding ways to deal with those concerns instead of a complete ban.

No Canadian vessels drag the ocean bottom in international waters, but they do fish for groundfish and shrimp within the 200-mile limit.

More short sighted Short term gain for Long term pain policies. This is bad when our own province doesn't see what is to be gained by this short term pain. It isn't even short term pain for us because like is stated in this article canada and Nl doesn't bottom drag on the high seas.

This is one issue that will make me and many other NL'ians not support the NL PC party if this is going to be their stance on this issue. Personally I've tried to be objective with maybe a slight leaning towards forgiving Danny on his policies with the constant reminder that he is doing what is in the best interest of the province. But I fail to find anything in the best interest of the province in this stance which makes me think twice about all of the other policies and decisions Danny has made or hasn't made depending upon the case.

canada truely is a puppet on the world stage.
-Can't or won't take control of the grand banks, despite promising to do so at every turn and by every politicasl party.
-Maher Arar a canadian citizen gets sold out and deported and tortured with the blessing of our protection agencies CSIS, and the RCMP along with the complicity of our elected representatives.
Drug king is going to be extradited to the US for selling seeds in the US meanwhile Holland is shipping seeds throughout the world at an unprecedented rate. just pick up one of those weed magazines. Seeds for 100$ or more a seed.
-Canadian citizen arrested in china and held with little or no discusion with canada.
-mexico lied and falsely accused canadian citizens in a murder case. refuses to give canada access to case file at first.
-Us and world discounts canada's claim to the artic, even surfaced a sub during the last election. I have my suspicions on that one as putting a ferather in Harpers policy cap to take control and extend soverignity to the artic.
-CIA come and go in canada at will without telling our officials what they are doing.

Just to name a few of the more recent and ongoing soverignity slights canada has been subjected to or allowed as of late.

Just look at the number of scientists, present and former politicians why have shown their support for a moratorium on Bottom Dragging.

Here is the report that predicts the total annihalation of fish in the seas because of destructive and indiscriminant Bottom Dragging practices because of the destruction of habitat and targeted fishing practices which are compromising the oceans biodiversity.

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