Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Very disturbing

Russia is supposed to be one of the good guys now who respects the freedom of the press and democracy in that the elected representatives represent the will of the people.

Now the people and journalists are to afraid to speak out.

I fear another civil war coup or general unease and stife are headewd Russias way.

When we were on tour and there were russian soldiers there with us it was obvious in how they treated their soldiers that they we still pretty much a dictatorship and far from being a democratic society with a govt that represented the people.

Our own political system can be classified as a Colonialist system just by the fact of it's root origins.

Our military system is along the same lines only even more elitist. With mainly the elite getting into the officers ranks. Not many NCM who commission from the ranks ever make it past captain in part because they CFR Commision from the Ranks only to get the additional pay increase, and the additional 10 years in incentive pay increases.

Google 1000+ links
Military pay scales,
I wonder did the CWO's who CFR'd took a pay cut like I did when I remustered within the same MOC? 041-042 end round 043. No we don't need to unionize the military LOL.
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