Sunday, October 29, 2006


Independant's contest to name the Ontario party line toers

MP Loyola Hearn lowered the bar for
parliamentary debate in the House of
Commons this week when he took a
shot at Liberal MP Scott Simms’ fivefoot-
four frame, referring to him as a
“shrimp.” Simms actually started it
when he posed a question to the minister
of “flip, flop and flounder,” accusing
the Conservative government of planning
to cut $100 million from the federal
Fisheries budget. Responded Hearn,
“The biggest problem we have in
Newfoundland is an oversupply of one
fish. It is called the shrimp.”
In that light, The Independent launches
a name-your-MP contest. The rules
are simple: come up with a name for
each of the province’s seven MPs. The
name must be either a fish or crustacean
found in Newfoundland and Labrador
waters (shrimp or flounder are taken,
remember). I personally would have
described Hearn as a sea urchin (or the
colloquial term, whore’s egg), not so
much because he’s a spiny sea creature,
but for his lack of spine (at least since
taking office). The winner of the best
names, as judged by the editorial staff,
will receive a high quality and ultrafashionable
Independent hoodie. Send
entries to the e-mail address

Oh lets see
Lump fish
Jelly fish
Cat fish with reference to Tommy Douglas's Mouseland
Have fun lets see a picture of that Indy sweater.
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