Monday, October 09, 2006


Hmm Afstan

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How many yellow ribbons does it take to paper over reality?

Stephen Harper won't want Canadians hearing how weary British troops in Helmand province struck a truce with Taliban forces, agreeing to a mutual withdrawal from the area that's likely to revert to an exclusively guerrilla sanctuary.

A leaked e-mail from a British soldier also supplies a rather different picture from what we've been getting.

"We are not having an effect on the average Afghan. We are no better than the Taliban in their eyes, as all they can see is us moving into an area, blowing things up and leaving, which is very sad," he wrote.

Another tidbit you likely haven't read in your newspaper is the conclusion given by Republican Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist that the Taliban should be courted into joining the government. They'd certainly feel at home.

Serving up schoolyard rhetoric like "we can't let the terrorist win" or dubbing outgunned guerrillas "cowards" won't alter Afghanistan's intractable realities.

Nor will those yellow ribbon Bandaids.

Total Absolute Agreement!
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