Monday, October 30, 2006


Death by a thousand cuts Systemic conspiracy


It isn't so much as there is a conspiracy to keep NewfoundlandLabrador down as the system is designed in such a way as to benefit Ontario and Quebec uses their sway to get their way.

Toe the party line which is drawn by the majority of MP's 106 from ON out of 308 with no other equality in representation for the other members of the federation.

-Pulp and Paper mills were given tax exemptions and free access to NL's forests.
-NL gave away vast tracts of land to the Reid RailRoad to have the RR built.
-Canada petitioned the US to not trade with NL before confederation to protect their own fishing industry.
-Canada interferred with NL's internal politics, referendum on confederation by backing Joey Smallwood.
-England intereferred with NL's referendum on confederation by disallowing the question union with the US.
-C.D Howe wrote to the US and asked them not to make public the discovery of to date the worlds richest deposit of iron ore in labrador.
-Upper Churchill, No national power corridor then or now.
-Upper Churchill, Supreme Court of Ontario and Quebec with 3 judges from ON and 3 from QC the outcome from this kangaroo court was already decidedd in the private clubs and elitist parties.
-Lower Churchill, still no national power corridor.
-Upper Churchill conflict of interest with HQ sitting in on the Brinco meetings then negotiating with insider information on Brinco's financial state.
-NL RailRoad shut down by Ottawa because of cost saving and mismanagement. Should have3 had tracks widened and upgraded to national standards instead of the costly switching of undercarriage. I suspect the people involved in the demise of the NL RR had their own agenda of gaining from an increase in their shipping industry. Enemies within.
-Labrador landing fees three times as costly as equivalant airport in neighboring Quebec airports.
-Fishery destruction by DFO Ottawa and the party line to garner trade coincessions and world prominance to our
-Ending of trans atlantic flights into NL. NS petitioned to have all trans Atlantic flights bypass NL.
-Equalization clawing back of our non-renewable resource revenues while ON keeps their tax points
-Equalization comparing NL to PEI when NL is three times the size of the three maritime provinces combined. PEI is no bigger than the Avalon alone and could be serviced with one service hub for the entire island.
-Offshore oil and gas decision by the Kangaroo court of ON/QC three judges from ON three from QC. The outcome was a foregone conclusion.
-Resources are supposed to belong to the provinces in this federation
-Military bases, not one operationally manned military base in all of NL, even though we protect the eastern flank of this country.
-Our serving sons and Daughters in the canadian military can't claim the Marine Atlantic ferry crossing on their one paid trip home a year to their next of kin LTA leave Travel Allowance.
-Marine Atlantic, Since the feds pay for and operate this life line to our province and industry. Ottawa sees any increase in NL's economy as costing them more money.
-Fixed link NS group opposed to a fixed link and petition Ottawa to never see it become a reallity. Even our neighbors don't want to see NL prosper because it would mean their cubogous ways and own economies would suffer.
-Canada's refusal to sign onto a moratoreium on bottom dragging even though they say canada doesn't bottom drag to any extent. Meanwhile 60% of the worlds bottom dragging takes place on the 40% of our continental shelf which lies outside the 200 mile limit. The Nose, Tail and Flemish cap.
-Canada's refusal to recognise NL's culture and heritage as Intangible in accordance with UNESCO's acceptance.
-Canada's refusal to address quebecs insolance in accepting the NL border as outlined in the Privy council's decision of 1927.
-Per Capita funding and a lack of vision at building the parts of the nation that need it. Fixed link, National power corridor, TLH, Improved Marine Atlantic.
-marine Atlantic cheapest part of the TCH to build, operate, and maintain yet we pay the highest toll of any part of the TCH.
-Ottawa's refusal to back Prov's call for Fallow field. Ottawa shouldn't have anything to say or do with our resources resources belong to the provinces.
-Ottawa's ownership of our offshore oil and gas, Ottawa invested in Albertas tar sands but doesn't have an ownership stake. Resources belong to the provinces.
-Tourism fishery 11 months and free in maritime provinces. We had to pay for tags then we were given our own resource for 5 weeks? Crumbs to protect the foreign quotas on the NT&FC.
-Clause in Atlantic Accord not allowing NL to build a refinery untill all existing canadian refineries are at max capacity? Federal interferance protectionism for rest of canada?
-Lack of federal presence in NL, both in numbers and in quality of positions and decision making input and decision making.
-Ottawa conflict interest by controlling NL's resources. Ottawa has to make decisions based on what's in the best interest of majority of canadians (ON/QC) even if it is to the detriment of some provinces. IE Nose Tail Flemish Cap. Ottawa isn't supposed to and shouldn't control any of the provinces resources.
-Canada's ambivolance towards NL's call for increased immigration. Portnoy etc.
-Triple E senate, Ontario doesn't want to let go of their hold on the colonies. Would rather see it abolished.
-Mismanagement of the seal hunt, allowing ARA's to get within 10 metres or in a place of work at all. First come first serve quotas encourages inhumane killing and discourages utilization of the entire seal.
-Closing of the Gander weather office. Two Doppler radars for all of NL when the maritimes which is three times smaller than NL has 6 Doppler Radars. That doesn't even take into account our work space the Grand Banks which is the size of the three prairie provinces combined isn't covered.
-Changing the name of our province to Avalon, Central, West coast, South coast, Great Northern Peninsula and Labrador.
-Downloading of the interprovincial ferries to the province for a mere 800 million in perpetuity.
-Refusal to allow indemnity for the Voisey bay commercial nickel production plant at Argentia. US and feds get a free pass for the pollution of the environment at Argentia.
-2 CSIS agents stationed in Corner Brook to combat organized crime?
-Putting US customs in Halifax.
-Oil spills go unpunished and even covered up, to the detriment of our environment and fisheries.
-15% unemployment or there abouts since joining confederation yet we only get hush money in the way of lip grants and UI. No real effort or initiatives to help devlop our economy.
-AUR resources exempt from national standards when it comes to tailings and protection of the environment.
-NL contributes 4 to 1 to the GDP of canda but only gets a return on their contribution on a per capita basis. Natural resources should be the sole responsibility and beneficiary of the provinces.
-Gun registry good for Urban canada not rural canada.
-Gay and Lesbian should be civil union with all the same rights and privilages of marriage.
-Cape Breton highway no very few passing lanes with poor signage that directs people to the cabot trail and not the Marine Atlantic ferry. Where is the vision of nation building outside of the golden horse shoe?
-Outmigration/Brain Drain continues unabated since joining this colonialist federation of ON/QC.
-Took all of the profitable parts of the Gander airport, First contact fly over fees which amount in the hundreds of millions of dollars and left the airport infrastructure maintenance and running to the airport authorities.
-Promised to give Gander airport 2 million for military landing fees and to date have reneged.
-Cancelled the promised ice breaker research ship for Happy valley Goose bay,
-Cancelled the promised threat emmitters for 5Wing HVGB, that were to bolster the training and reality of flight training in 5 Wing HVGB.
-Reneged on the Kelowna accord that would have benefited our 4 native communities. Labrador is comprised of 30% native.
-Closed the Public Service Commission in NL PSC.
-Closed the Toxic research DFO in NL.
-Threatened to close the Cool Climate research centre in NL.

To be updated.

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thank you for the great list it is always good to remember where we are...
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