Sunday, October 08, 2006


Army Air Bags and UXO/IED's

Dear Elected representatives of the PEOPLE.

Army Air Bags and UXO/IED's
To my knowledge there is no such thing in Army equipment. The Nyala's I've seen didn't have them the Lavs to my knowledge didn't have them. In fact none of the military equipment I have even seen either in Canada or outside of Canada didn't have airbags with the exception maybe of the Higher ranks who were full of hot air.

Now air bags in military equipment wouldn't be what you would expect from civilian cars all nice and concealed inside exploding dask boards and and steering wheels which if deployed would dam near write the vehichle off just to replace the air bags.

No Military air bags would be along the lines of modules which could be replaced easily and with a minimal of effort and expence. That is if the vehicle is worth saving after a mine or IED attack.

Since these forces we are now facing are only using UXO's (Un Exploded ordinance) as their main source of materials and generally speaking are only utilizing blast explosive techniques allot of the danger inside of our military vehicles is from being bounced around inside and blast concussions, air bags could and would go along way in MITIGATING injuries IMHO at a very reasonable cost.

There should also be a concerted and increased effort to search out and either collect or destroy UXO's thus removing a source of materials for IED's and suicide bombers.

Media blitz asking for info on UXO's locations.

PS: Please reconsider allowing our serving military members to claim the Marine Atlantic Ferry crossing to Newfoundland and labrador on their one trip home a year to their next of kin with their LTA Leave Travel Allowance. TY!

PSS: I am very disappointed in NATO's commitment or lack of commitment with our ongoing mission in Afghan. If NATO countries aren't going to either honor their pledges or shirk their responsibility then we shouldn't be there IMHO. No man stands alone the risk and rewards need to be spread out more to mitigate the potential impact on any sole nation IMHO.

Greg Byrne

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Or an Israel Army dozer unlike what we have which is a glorified D6 with a armoured cab we have.

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