Friday, September 01, 2006


Same day intercontinental ferry

I wonder would it be feasible to have a high speed intercontinental ferry? Something along the lines of The Cat that is capable of traversing the Atlantic from England or Ireland to Newfoundland in one day transporting people and their vehichles over a 24 hour period from Europe to North America.

Since the majority of the time involved in ferry crossings is tied up in docking ,undocking and harbour transit the distances involved with an Atlantic crossing would be mitigated due to the speeds attainable with a high speed ferry

From St John's to Skellig Michael Ireland is approx 1500 miles.

Existing Cats are capable of 83 kph and hold the record of for the fastest trans Atlantic crossing from Cat-Link V - New York to Bishop Rock 2 days, 20 hrs 9 mins = Average 41.284 knots This distance is double that of the St John's to Ireland route so should be attainaable within a 24 hour period.

Australian ferry builder Incat had achieved a remarkable double. The CATALONIA, in addition to setting a record for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic in a passenger vessel, became the first vessel to sail more than 1000 nautical miles (1852 km) in a 24 hour period, covering 1015 nautical miles (1879.8 km) at an average of 42.3 knots (78.3 km/h). The previous record is understood to be 868 nautical miles set by the SS UNITED STATES over the period 6-7 July 1952.

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