Friday, September 22, 2006


Harpers Election policies not so costed after all


Remember all of the kerflufull by the Liberals about Harpers policies and election promises not being costed. Then Harper came back with an independant study done by some economist group stating that his policies were in fact costed and realistic.

"Members of Harper's team said they had costed their plan,"

"I'm an economist. We've costed our policies very carefully item by item. We ran them through an independent analyst forecast through the Conference Board. Contrary to some reports, the Conference Board said that not only have we budgeted for annual paydowns to the debt, we have fiscal flexibility on top of that. We've had other experts, Dale Orr of Global Insight, Bill Robson of the C.D. Howe. We have a lot of fiscal room. The big difference between this election and the last election was that prior to this election, the government was finally forced to admit that we, in fact, are looking at huge surpluses in the next few years, so that's given us the flexibility that we need for our platform.

I say we face two kinds of criticism this campaign, one is that we're spending too much, and the other is we're spending too little, but we're clearly within the surpluses that are projected. "

Well one of those policies and promises was to remove Non-Renewable resource revenues from being clawed back by the D-Equalization formula.

First change on that promise policy that was supposedly costed was to "Well I meant that policy promise only as a preference" Paraphrased.

Then there was the Obrian report commissioned by the former Liberal Govt. You know Scott Reid stating that NL will pay for their insolence at wanting to get ahead and by lowering the flag to make Martin own up to his promises on the Atlantic Accord.(Paraprased)

This was catagorically rejected by NL, Sask because we would be the per capita losers.
No mention of clawing back Ontario's tax points which are the highest in the country.

Ok so Harpers crew steps back and says well it's only a report.

So here we are again floating the Obrian report. How many ways can you skin a cat is the question NL has to ask itself, because that is what is going on here it would seem Harper is no better than Scott Reid in trying to make NL pay for their wanting to get ahead with their own resources.

Now we have Harper using NL's Non-Renewable resource revenues to but Ontario and Quebec votes once again to the detriment of NL.

So much for a promise.
So much for accountability.
So much for equality in Canada.

Per Capita = Colonialism

50% of the 50% oil and gas royalties collected by NL now, would leave NL with 25% while Ottawa would continue collecting their 50% share in accordance with the Atlantic Accord on top of their 8.5% revenues from that ownership stake paid for with tax payers dollars.

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Wallace J McLean Todd Russel constituency office worker, if your going to make comment keep them relevant to the post.

Sorry if monitored comments causes anyone problems but I feel I have no choice what with WJM's unrelenting distracting posts and off topic discussions which detract from the issues at hand.
Information Is only as good as the source and if the source is baised/corrupted/bought then the info is questionable

Same goes for ANYTHING by Averill Baker. She as her own political ambitions influence her writing

But I was going to comment about this post. No matter who is in Ottawa, Newfoundlandis going to get screwed
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